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Samsung continues to try and push its ChatON instant messaging service, and if the image seen here is to be believed they look set to push into the world of voice and video chat. Spied by on a Samsung Galaxy Camera is the as yet unreleased ChatONV. 

Very little else is known about it at this time, other than the apparent support for voice and video chat. While seen here as a separate application, presumably Samsung could integrate the services into their existing ChatON application rather than offering it separately. 

Source: SamsungMania via Sammyhub


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Samsung ChatON app with voice and video chat spotted


All I want is one chat that everyone uses. Ugh! There are too many already. I just use text or talk. I don't need more. Sorry about the rant. I know this has been out a while now but had to rant. Lol


Multiple non-interoperating Chats suck. Google Talk works for everybody, (except iPhone users too dumb to install an app), why another platform specific app?

I couldn't agree more. Given that Gtalk is native on 100's of millions of mobile phones, available on BB and iphone, I think we have a clear winner here. All that's left is for Google to give Gtalk a much needed update to include file sharing, typing notification, and maybe other social features like location sharing or whatever.

I wish that google would integrate simple things like image sharing into talk - it's decent but under powered at the moment.

File sharing has been a much needed add to gtalk, so atm most people have to use multiple chat apps well at least that's how it is for myself.

I use Kik for my chat needs. Yes it is another downloaded app, but it works. I use it to chat with iPhone as well as Windows Phone users and it works just fine. File transfers work too, its a stable solid program. I have used WhatsApp too to chat with an iPhone, worked just fine. Both are free apps, or else I would learn to code so I could make a crossover app for messaging and try and retire on it :)