Samsung Captivate overclocked

The AT&T Captivate (read our review) has been overclocked to 1.2 GHz, which makes the Hummingbird processor faster than it is out of the box, which is already pretty quick. The modder who successfully did this said that the processor is actually capable of a stable 1.6 GHz, so be on the lookout for that soon. If you have a Captivate and are interested in overclocking, click here. [Samsung Hub]

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Kedar says:

What the effff?
My evo isn't even stable past 1.28ghz.

Cool stuff. Not that the hummingbird really needs to get faster.

wonsae says:

snapdragon on the evo is a 65nm cpu and the hummingbird is a 45nm (less heat so it can run higher speeds AFAIK)

You're actually one of the lucky ones most evos can't go past 1152. Including the two that I had

Hell, I'll take 1.2GHz, that's a solid 20% improvement overstock. I wonder how much more of the battery it eats?

Majikman says:

Very cool. It's good to see that the dev. community is doing stuff for this phone even though it's on AT&T :-) I can't wait for the custom ROMs to start rolling out!

KingAndroid says:

Can the vibrant reach the same speeds? Do you think we could see the same for the vibrant soon, or would we have to wait a while for it for the vibrant?

dragozoid says:

Pretty sweet. I wonder if the X can be clocked that high considering it has a TI OMAP3630.

Hiruzen says:

Can someone tell me why they would OC their phone?

Because we can?

poulosjr says:

@mustangmatt.... LOL!!