Samsung's proprietary app store will soon be known as Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung has announced that its proprietary app store for Android will get a name change from Samsung Apps to Samsung Galaxy Apps. The inclusion of the Galaxy branding in the store will make it more clear that the app store is designed for Galaxy-branded devices, all of which run Android. The change will occur by July 1.

In addition to Android, Samsung is also making a major push with Tizen. The move was probably made to avoid confusion for consumers of which app store to use, especially when visiting a web link not on the device itself. This way, for example, owners of the Tizen-powered Samsung Z won't try to visit the Samsung Galaxy Apps portal to try and purchase and install apps.

Samsung had similarly rebranded its wearables to reflect the change. From the first generation Android-powered Galaxy Gear, Samsung had dropped the Galaxy name when it debuted the Gear 2 successor as that device is no longer powered by Android and instead runs on Tizen. In that move, Samsung is clearly reserving the Galaxy branding for Android.

This likely won't affect too many users as most Android users get their apps from the Google Play store anyways.

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Samsung capitalizes on Galaxy name with new app store rebranding


I think they should have done it the other way around: Tizen get the "Galaxy" brand, and Android without it. It sounds so much more professional.

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This is bad. The only thing consumers recognize is Galaxy and Samsung. Not so much the name Android. Tizen is a sleeping giant that is in its infancy. I hope Google delivers tomorrow.

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Blame Google for not advertising and branding Android properly. My biggest issue with them ATM is that they do not pimp Android enough, or its features.

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I'm not so worried about Tizen. There's no actual advantage over Android, and if people accidentally buy it (which is what I'm guessing will be the strategy), they'll return it as soon as they realize they can't use any of their old apps on it.

Many times when I tell my not-so-tech-savvy friends about an awesome app, they tend to search for it in the samsung store rather that google play.

Why not just call it the Samsung Galaxy instead of including the word "Apps"? It's pretty clear if there's a name or number after the word "Galaxy" then it's a phone or tablet.

Not really, a lot of non-tech enthusiasts just call any Samsung phone a "Samsung Galaxy".

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Samsung is making it harder to like them. It's awesome that Android is open source and they can do this, but I hate how much they try to hide the fact that their (good) phones run Android.

I like what they're doing. They are setting themselves up as a brand, so if one day they want to dump android they can.
Amazon is doing the same thing.

Why do you think they should let people know that their phones are running android? Does google advertize as samsung as the leading manufacturer using android? Both samsung and google benefit each other.

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Well, this is just another reason for me to stay away from Samsung Galaxy devices. The iPhone of Android, geez. Nexus 5 is still superior imo.

Also, for everyone complaining about Google not advertising, let me ask you this: When was the last time you saw an ad for Windows 8.1? Now compare that to how many times have you seen a Windows powered computer advertised. The same works for Android. And I see a few ads for Google Play every day, so they are at least doing some advertising.

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Not a fan of the Samsung store but it could be worst. Examples like Amazon or Nokia. Once they remove the Play store then I'll need to re-evaluate buying any of their devices.