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It looks like Samsung is aware of all the Bell Samsung Vibrant's getting bricked, and they're pretty sure it has something to do with the Froyo update.  As a result, they have pulled Froyo from Kies, and we assume will be digging through trying to find the problem.  In the meantime, if you're one of the unlucky ones who had problems with Froyo on your Bell Vibrant, give Samsung a holler at 800-751-4078 , or  [Samsung Canada on Facebook]


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Samsung Canada pulling Froyo update


What`s new, Samsung always good doing it,that`s why they never releasing any fast update for them handsets,not like HTC... My wife she had HTC EVO she did dropped it for the Epic! The EVO receive 3 update at lease and Epic received NON...I think the Epic update it`ll come out when the releasing the new phone,that`s the new update! What this mean? Just telling the Epic and any Samsung wait for the new handset and buy it.

There you go. Now please post an official retraction of the story you ran a few days ago, saying that the failures were due to the users running lag fixes, and sdcards getting repartitioned was somehow the cause. It was Samsung that fucked up...again.

Forget about releasing any updates at all Samsung. Just release the full source code, we will take it from there, and you can go back to making a lot more SAMOLED screens.

so if I successfully upgraded to Froyo on my Bell Galaxy S should I be worried about it bricking? no lag fix here.....

suggestions? Is it possible to downgrade back to 2.1? Kinda pisses me off since I had to set everything up again on 2.2

there is nothing you can do. i had the bell version and i was running the stock firmware (2.1) and it died on me while downloading a file. as soon as they replaced the motherboard i sold it

People with the 2.1 ROMS have had failures too. It's either the hardware that is bad, or there is a bug in their ROM that does not play well with your phone. If it's software, they will fix it (probably by 2012).

Hey Samsung, I have some new names for your upcoming models the "Samsung Abandon"; "Samsung Fail"; "Samsung Abort"; "Samsung Flop"; "Samsung Neglect"; "Samsung Bust"; the options are endless!

Go back to just making displays and HDTV's, it's time to get out of the smartphone game.

I say we spam the above email and tell them to skip froyo and just give us Gingerbread instead of fixing froyo!

Didn't the Evo get a bricked update recently after it was launched? Come on guys Samsung will replicate this will only take another 3583 days lol

Cmon dude stop defending samsung, my erode has the epic n I have the Evo n holy s h I t u can't compare I've played with that phone over n over n theres no competition the Evo blows it away n when the evo had issues with the update they guides out right away

This is a bit worrying. Seeing that I just bought the Samsung Epic 4g, and looking at complaints over not even being able to get 2.2, when most other handsets are looking forward to 2.3? WTF? I love this phone, I really do. But I would like to be able to get my hands on 2.2 only apps ya know? Interestingly enough, I bought a Samsung Rant two years ago and HATED that thing. I swore that I'd never buy a Samsung phone again. Wonder if going back on my promise is coming back to haunt me?

I have a line coming up on the 22nd with VZW. I will give VZW and Samsung a month or 2 to get us an update, then it's hello Ebay.

I got my Bell SGS on release day ( Aug 6 ) and have had no issues at all. I updated to 2.2 on the 9th of DEC and it works even better than before. It blows my girlfriend's Desire away on 2.2.

The European I9000 has not had these issues either. Froyo has been going out all over the world for the last month and this is the first time there has been a problem.

Seems funny to me that all the unlocked SGS's are fine but a carrier locked one is seeing some issues. Maybe Bell screwed it up somehow?

Mine works fine. To all the haters, enjoy HTC's shitty displays and piss poor multitouch. :D

Got my Bell Vibrant on Dec 4th. Lovely phone aside from the GPS problem. Knew about it and the SD card problem, but figured why not I need a phone.

Updated to 2.2 and noticed a few people mentioning they had pretty full SD cards when theirs died. Decided I'd try something. Bought a 16 gig SD, put it in - filled it, deleted it all, filled it again and then used the phone.

Then it died on Dec 14th. Turned the phone off and on and noticed the icons for the stuff I had installed and moved to the SD were missing and then checked the memory summary...

Luckly for me it falls within the 2 week "buyers remorse" period.

It's really a shame. I was starting to like the phone a lot, even if the GSP issue was still there after 2.2.

Wish to confirm my phone bricked 2 days after the 2.2 update. Started to get system errors then a blank screen then nothing. Wish I would have read the above threads before I installed.

Warning don't install 2.2...................your phone will brick!!!!