Terrain Home is a new Android launcher coming out of startup house Samsung Accelerator. Users set up a sidebar with personalized content in tailor-made cards, such as news feeds from a variety of high-profile publications, weather, calendar appointments, and favorite contacts. A single swipe brings up a search bar which can quickly find local and online content, and another Google Now-style swipe brings up the sidebar. An upcoming SDK based on web languages will allow developers to plug their own apps into Terrain Home as well.

Functionally, there doesn't seem to be too much here that you couldn't recreate with your existing collection of home screen widgets. Having widget styles curated and managed under a single launcher app could, in theory, offer some consistency in the experience, but we'll have to wait to see how Terrain Home pans out.

For now, Terrain Home is in a geographically-limited beta release, free from Google Play, so even if you can download it at the link above, expect a bit of wonkiness. On the upside, this also means we can look forward to additional features to be included as development progresses. Which Android launcher are you folks using?


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Samsung-backed Terrain Home launcher pulls in personalized cards with a swipe


Very cool - I'll be a guinea pig, and give it a shot. Going to be tough to get me to switch full time from Nova however.

Seriously! Same here. Tried it out and customized immediately. Still Love Nova Launcher and will stick with it. I do like Terrain's built-in toolbox for toggling flashlight, wifi, data..etc. I use Power Toggles right now.

I just tried it out and it is ok. Nice idea but is still a little buggy and performance is a little choppy. Went back to Nova but will leave it installed to see what updates come in the near future.

Buggy and choppy? Well we're talking about something from Samsung amarite?

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Samsung needs to work on their software quite a bit. Every Samsung product my family has is buggy and choppy. Nice products, but a PC running with an i7 processor, 8GB RAM, and 2GB VRAM should not be choppy. Neither should my girlfriend's S5. Or my Mom's Note III. All are choppy and laggy.

I don't get it.

That's the problem -- you comment without knowledge. You simply commented beacuse Samsung was 'somehow' related to this project. Then you had to immediately type a smart-ass-type comment.

This project is 'funded' by Samsung Accelerator program. It's not part of Samsung, but funded by it. Check about "Samsung Accelerator" if you need to know more.


Basically, this app is not developed by Samsung.

I assume suddenly the app will become smooth to you now, as it's not made by Samsung.

Thanks for trying it out! We are releasing a new update later today that should fix some of the performance issues.

Have a Moto and and a s5....the x lags 3x as much as the s5....I'd trade in the s2 your using and try a modern OS. I'm sure your just looking for attention tho. Well done.

Another one we have here. Do you guys comment without reading?
You are *assuming* that this is a Samsung-made app, but in reality this is not. This project is *funded* by Samsung Accelerator program who assists startups.
How do you guys comment without even searching properly? You simply assumed that it was made by Samsung, so it definitely have to be buggy!
Read: http://samsungaccelerator.com/

I was referring to TouchWiz hence the s5 reference and his comment about it being laggy. So before u throw " u guys " in your comment maybe u should read. Chief ......

Ohh! Why should you mention TW in this article? What has TW got to do with this product?? There is no relation at all..

Always interested in new launchers. Judging by comments though I'll give this one a miss, for now anyway.
Can't imagine it would sway me from Nova especially after its recent updates

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Hi - The goal for Terrain is to make your phone more efficient to use. While creating Terrain, we basically looked at how people use their phones and created features that will either completely remove or reduce the number of steps required to do anything. We also wanted to keep the control in the hands of users, and to be sure that Terrain doesn't drain the battery.... as a result of this Terrain does not do constant tracking or background stuff.

It would be awesome if you try it out and let me know how it goes. Both search and sidebar are meant to make it easy to start apps / contacts or view information.

Think I'll wait to give it a try till it's out of beta. Pretty happy with Nova Prime right now...

Well if they replaced the Touchwiz launcher with this, it would at least be an improvement.

Haha damn people got no chill. Touchwiz ain't that bad. I like it atleast. Smooth and no lag on my s4

It has the one thing that keeps me with Action Launcher, or at least it appears to. An app drawer, alphabetized that allows you to quickly get to the app you are looking for. I wish them luck, I appreciate any dev that tries to do something different in the launcher market.

Terrain also has an alphabetized app drawer (which came up as one of the top requests when we asked users what they wanted in the launcher). Also, the search on Terrain is phone-first, and prioritizes apps and contacts on your phone over the web stuff. Would love to see what you think.

I really like these kinds of launchers but I can't imagine one being useful/accurate unless a ton of info is known about the user. Google Now works so well only because Google knows you so well.

We have tried to create a launcher that is useful without having to access the private data about users, and letting users control their experience was what we thought would work great. Terrain can also be used along with Google Now - it still supports widgets or (if you have a nexus phone), you can swipe up to launch Google Now.

This could be good.. but i have to stick with sense 6.0... I like everything to flow and have a common look as well as functionality. I hate how my icons change from the lock screen to home screen when i use a launcher.

I know it is a beta and all, but it runs like crap on the M8. When its polished ill take another look.

Its not bad, Very clearly still in beta, but not bad. I'm looking forward to the full release and will probably use this full time if they work the kinks out.

Really like the sidebar, I wish I could get that without everything else. Or I wish that Google now was that customizable

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I'm using aviate and (besides nova) seems to be the only launcher I can use on a daily basis...

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Has anyone given TSF Shell a try? It's a bit pricey, but looks really good. I'm debating if I should give it a shot. I have Nova Prime and can't really day I have many complaints with it.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I like it, but like others I find it to buggy to use. I had big problems getting my 360 security widget to even respond. Will give it a try again once there are some updates.

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Hi - This is Dwipal, I am the founder of Terrain Home. Thanks Simon for the writeup! Would love to answer any questions that anyone has.

Reminds me of Action Launcher. A little lag here and there, but I'm sure it will be lined out in the future. I'll give it a try for a day or so and see how it works for me. Widget list is all over the place. Found the dashclock widget under "F" and my 1Weather widgets were scattered all over.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.

I notice if I go to a home screen grid of 7x6 the names dissappear under the icons. Also, this launcher makes the top of my wallpaper darker, maybe the edges too, not a fan of that. I like that app drawer and being able to navigate by letter via side bar. I do think it has potential. Its in beta so if its a little laggy, thats understandable. I'm going to keep it and try it out for a while.