Samsung, Apple

In what may be the first step on a long road towards a truce between Apple and Samsung, reports out of Korea suggest that the two warring mobile giants have agreed to begin talks to settle their patent disputes out of court. Sources "directly involved with the matter," talking to The Korea Times, said "Samsung has recently resumed working-level discussions with Apple and the key issue is how to dismiss all lawsuits."

"Some more time will be needed to fix terms of details such as royalty payments in return for using patents owned by each before reaching a full agreement," the quoted source continues. "Some more time will be needed to fix terms of details such as royalty payments in return for using patents owned by each before reaching a full agreement."

The latest verdict in the firms' ongoing legal battle, which awarded $120 million to Apple, but also found the Cupertino company guilty of infringing some Samsung patents, apparently nudged the two closer to the negotiating table. Earlier this year Judge Lucy Koh ordered the companies' CEOs to meet and try to come to a truce, however no agreement was reached. With the two now possibly entering talks of their own accord, there's a chance these discussions may be more fruitful.

The news of possible settlement talks comes days after Motorola Mobility and Apple agreed to end their patent disputes.

Source: The Korea Times


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Samsung, Apple rumored to be in settlement talks


There's always something to hate on. Like Apple's stupid proprietary chargers.

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Europe and their insistence that one charger will rule them all hopefully will stop this bit of silliness. Of course the downsize is that makes all Bose docks and the like redundant BUT opens up the market to converters,

Apple will bundle a micro USB adapter in. They won't ever get rid of lightning.

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They should be focusing on innovation and improving the lives of the consumer rather than wasting money suing the crap out of each other.

Both companies innovate. Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other products over the years have been marvelous. While they don't innovate their features, any feature they deliver is well implemented.

Samsung is a company that extends well beyond the mobile world. They innovate in screen technology, TVs, batteries, and chip design. Their SSDs are amazing and very affordable. There is a lot of places that Samsung innovates, and just because a couple of patents are being sued over doesn't discredit the other innovations of either company.

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Likely apple going after such large amounts but getting so little while still shelling out the costs for these proceedings has affected things too.

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I wonder if tizen is as easy to target in this nuisance lawsuits as android is.

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apple just making things look all sweet b4 the iphone galaxy6 comes out! wait sammy we promised not to do courts no more!

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)