Samsung Gear S

'Gear Circle' Bluetooth headset also announced

While Android Wear continues to get the big headlines, Samsung continues cranking out more Tizen-based smartwatches. Its latest — the Gear S — brings about a large, 2-inch curved AMOLED display, 2G and 3G connectivity for standalone use along with Wifi and Bluetooth. Its 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM are partnered up with a 300mAh battery to offer a purported two days of "typical usage."

Software includes the S Health and music apps that we've come to know in Samsung's previous offerings. (This is its sixth wearable device in the space of a year, actually). It's also IP67 water and dust resistant, and you'll be able to make and receive calls like on previous Gear devices.

Samsung also announced a new Bluetooth headset accessory, the Gear Circle, alongside the Gear S smartwatch. The Gear Circle is a traditional Bluetooth headset that can pair up with your phone for calls, music and voice commands. It has a magnetic lock to hold it in place around your neck when not in use, and even has a vibrate function to let you know of incoming calls and notifications. For battery life, it will offer 300 hours of standby or 11 hours of music listening.

Both the Gear S and Gear Circle will be available from a variety of retailers, including carriers, starting in October, according to Samsung.

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Samsung announces another Tizen smartwatch, the curved Gear S


And this is why you buy a cheap, small feature flip phone.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

They are both designed to work with Android. This is an Android site so it makes sense to post them here.

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It's obvious communication bullet points are the main objective here.

- 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
- 2G, 3G Call, Bluetooth Call
- WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n, A-GPS/Glonass
- Bluetooth®: 4.1
- USB 2.0

As for Android Wear, Google has to ensure first that they support all these communication tech and can be used as a standalone device without needing a smartphone. Otherwise no point having all these tech inside the watch.

I don't think Google will support it. They are moving towards multiple screens and 1 device principal.

I believe too that that is the future. I don't want to configure 3 or 4 devices. Let my main device recognize the nearby screens and based upon context push content to it.

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This will accompany my Galaxy Note 4 out of my favorite T-Mobile​ store on October 3rd.

And people think Android Wear is suppose to be about something legitimate I can only laugh.

It's SAMSUNG who paces the Smartwatch industry generally now they control the Wrist watch communicator side of it too.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Stop the hate loser. You can't rain on my buying parade just because you don't want to buy or can't afford too

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I can't believe you just told someone else to "Stop the hate loser". Do ever read any of your own comments? They are full of nothing but hate against anything "not" made by Samsung. Have you ever heard of idolatry?

Hey, Richard! How about you STOP THE HATE, LOSER!!!

but he'll +1 all of samsung's competitors news articles so he can monitor praise and samsung shit talk like the creep he is

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1. In this context it's spelled "reign". Try using all that money you seem to have and get a tutor or some remedial english classes. God knows you need it.
2. Need I remind you about how, just 7 or so years ago, you were a homeless "bum" living on the streets of NYC? Smartphones aren't that expensive. The fact that you have one is a testament to this. And yet here you are talking as if you're Mr. Bigshot with enough money to "make it rain on these hoes". What a joke. Come back when you have a car, or a house of your own not being funded by the Bowery Mission.

Dick Yarrell just set the new high score for advertisements in a single sentence.

Best part is, he's getting paid to be such a shitty promoter. I wonder if he realizes that his "oh hey i'm an average guy posting in a thread about Sammy/T-Mo" schtick has NEVER sold a single product. Or, more importantly, i wonder if his boss realizes how bad he is at it...

I don't think he's getting paid.
I think he's a very insecure person who has pegged his self-worth to the decisions he's made (buying Samsung products on T-Mobile). In order to boost his own confidence, he feels the need to reinforce the validity of those decisions and this is how he does it.

That's your internet psychology lesson for the day. Tune in tomorrow for a more broad piece on fanboyism.

If Samsung is paying u to promote their products I hope they know ur only making us dislike them more and more each time. They need to fire u. Now if u really work for HTC and that's the whole point (making us hate Samsung) then good job, just let us in on the joke at least. Either way if ur not getting paid ur an idiot.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

just an idiot... no company would hire a face like that to push their goods

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nobody gives one lick what you have or what you're going to have... not one... you have stated across the internet for six months over and over again about the note 4 and whatever the most recent rumored samsung smartwatch was and how you're getting it day one


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Well I for one hope that it only works with Samsung devices and their plethora of phenomenally mind blowing apps. Me and Tim Cook, we together hope for this. (Insert inspiring music that sounds a little like the theme from Superman, but not quite, with overtones of 2001 a Space Odyssey, and Voltron forming the head music here )

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Android Wear needs a 'companion' phone. Android Wear needs to support all these tech. Can Android Wear work as a standalone device supporting 3G, GPS/GLONASS, WiFi or Bluetooth? UNtil that happens, I don't think this watch will have a Android version.
Also tizen in past had better batterylife than Android.

People sleep on TIZEN and look what's happened Android Wear has gotten it boring sad ass handed to it.

It's pretty plain and simple Android Wear is DEAD on arrival in my book sadly reminiscent of stock android boring, uneventful, and a putrid day to day experience.


From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

"People sleep on TIZEN and look what's happened Android Wear has gotten it boring sad ass handed to it."

Do you have sales figures to back that up?

That article pegs Samsung at 34%, so where are you getting this mythical 80% from?

Also ironic, the article YOU linked states they expect Apple and Google to be the two top dogs in smartwatches, not Samsung or Tizen. Thanks for my daily laugh at your ignorant rambling.

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That was at the beginning they have made far more products since that first Gear.

Don't hate my brother either participate or step to the left and let us buyers show you how's done.

People on these threads spend to much time leaving comments and not buying.

I'm a full out buyer I let my money do the talking while you're just talking and hating.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

That was at the beginning? So you pulled data that said Samsung leads the market at a time that there were only really Samsung and Pebble (maybe Sony). Android Wear is just getting off the ground. So hold your comparisons off until after Q42014. Let the holiday's pass with releases like the Gear S, Moto 360, G Watch R, Apple's watch; and then see how things are looking. I for one don't want to fragment off from Android, I feel Google knows what they are doing building Android out - Phone, Wear, TV, Auto, Home - I'm all for one experience on many screens. I don't want to get something that only works this way and only works with this product. That being said I'll be picking up my Note 4, a G Watch R and a Moto 360.

Well Richard, I'd assume that you were aware that 95% of all the ship hands that ferry 87% of all your precious Samsung products from Korea to the retail stores country (52% being the US, 30% Canada, 17% Ireland, the other 1% lost in transit) spend 22% of their day using a phone that is not Samsung down to 2% battery?

See, anyone can make up stats. Show me proof son.

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@richardyarrell1 I know we have butt heads before but I have to agree with your statement. While we enjoy reading the comments, not many people who post in AC actually make the included...that will change.

You're a "buyer". You let your money do the talking. If that's the case, why run your mouth so much?

Other than that, you just seem to have more money than common sense. Lucky for the rest of us, a fool and his money are soon parted.

"People on these threads spend to much time leaving comments and not buying." Yes, because it's totally impossible to multitask and have multiple browser tabs open, with one here on AC, and the other on Amazon, eBay, or some other similar website. It's 2014 Dick, get with the times.
The original Galaxy Gear had over a 30% *return rate*. I don't know if you realize this, but that's not a good thing. The successors have done only marginally better. You and your "facts". What a joke.

Guys if Samsung sold scrotums to attach from your top lip Richard would be all over it.

Take what this guy says with a pinch of salt

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1. Just did a search of the entire page you linked to. There is no 80%, no 70%, no 60%, no 40%, or anything in between. The highest percentage anywhere on that page in relation to market share reflects "34% in 2013"
2. As that quote indicates, those numbers are from 2013, and the article itself was written March 7. Hardly "today as of August 28th".
Enjoy *those* numbers

we sleep on tizen because it's never going to be used in more than a watch dummy... and the first android wear watch came when? june? just shut up man... you're a know nothing nobody

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Wait till someone uses it, until then all I can do is speculate. Though it was proved that batterylife with Tizen was better than Android.

Yes. Tizen is better than Android for watches. But we don't yet have an Apples to Apples comparison of Android Wear vs. Tizen. I suspect it will be very similar battery life now that they are both optimized for watches.

But that's my point... For the extra $100-$200 this will cost (over an Android Wear watch) because of the standalone 3G...I'm not grasping the benefits. Variety is good but seems like a poor move by Samsung.

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Not having to bring your phone while still having access to your messages. That is probably something some people are willing to pay extra for.

If you jog or go to the gym. Hell, even PRETEND to work out. You know? Stand in front of a gym stretching after you doused yourself with a warm bottle of Poland Springs. This makes sense. I wish it wasn't running Tizen. But at the same time I'd love the Bluetooth music functionality paired with headphones. Now the few downsides I can see from this is most of my music is on Google play. Plus if I had a high quilality pair of headphones would this watch work with it and stream high quality music? Or will it suffer from lower connectivity of 3G speeds?

For what it will likely do (calendar, text messages, music streaming), it likely doesn't need to be any faster than 3G, and you won't notice that it isn't LTE.

Yet they kept the battery at 300mAh. And the new LG round thingy is at 410mAh... Do you not see a sim demand negatively affecting daily use compared to just Bluetooth 4.0?

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The point was pretty obvious, I think? Tizen is a lot more efficient than Android.

This is an alternative, it's not the only choice. Those who wants a 3g capable watch for the reason I wrote above can now have one of those. Don't you see that simple point? =)

Not really a fan of rubber wrist bands, they usually get so sweaty. But I like the case at least; simple but still Samsung-y. And why do they all keep making them IP67-only? That's really barely enough even for a rainy day.

Lol at "barely enough for a rainy day". It must be raining drops the size of baseball's where you live and apparently while these balls are falling you're sitting there for more than 30 mins.

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Water moves in mysterious ways thanks to one of its many neat abilities, capillary action. IP67 doesn't mean that if you simply submerge it to an inch less than that metre it'll be able to stay there forever. It's a rating saying it can withstand a little water pressure and it's tight enough to be expected to survive being exposed to water for up to thirty minutes. Generally wrist watch makers won't guarantee watches being able to withstand the weather unless they're rated to 30 metres, permanently. The meter numbers they use is really just a measurement of how sturdy the case and everything else is, 1m is less pressure than you pushing a button a little too hard. So, of you're into things like surfing or water skiing 50m is normally a recommended minimum, even though you're still only splashing around on the surface.

Highly doubtful given tizen. Maybe they will surprise a few folks, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Google needs to come out with project Ara already to stop Samsung from dissing them with tizen. Next thing you know, samsung will put there own app store on android and then next galaxy s will have tizen on it

Posted via Android Central App on 1+1

Ummm you do Know 5tget already have there own app store on Android and have for years

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Much more functional than Android Wear. If I want to see notifications only I can look at my phone. How difficult is that. Thanks for the stand-alone Samsung.

I think he's saying a smartwatch should do more than show notifications which is basically all android wear is. Pulling a phone out is just as easy as looking at a watch.

Looks nice enough...but hell..the top of my wrist is pretty flat...I am not sure this would be all that comfortable or form fitting. Also...tizen? No thanks.

Looks as impressive as the Gear Fit, my favorite of the smart watches so far. If it has an ambient sensor, it could be a winner.

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Not going to buy when it doesn't work with any android device and Samsung phones are not for me.

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Samsung is throwing everything possible before apple unleashes it's products.

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Nothing like a white face watch with digital diamonds all the way around that and then a big black bezel beyond the diamonds LOL. They really could have used a better looking face on the white version.

So it's a bent rectangle with huge bezels, a physical home button, and its running Tizen? Oh, and it will only be compatible with Samsung phones running Touchwiz? Oh boy, where do I sign??

Seriously, what has gotten into Samsung lately? It's like they're doing their best to push their local fans to the competition, just to win over new converts from Apple. Bloated, gimmicky, proprietary software, tired hardware designs, and physical home buttons on freaking everything are not the way to hold on to such a huge slice of market share.

Finally someone noted the home button. I was losing faith in the comments. Question is, does it offer the capacitive buttons as well?

Every watch I have ever seen has relatively large bezels. Is it only smart watches that should have small bezels?

I'd buy. Looks more grown up compared to others plus ip67 is a big deal to me

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Wow. Nice looking. This design proves that Samy can still be innovative. Plus With specs that I was just saying this morning I'd like to see in a smart watch. They're watching me.

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It looks nice, but that battery sounds tiny considering 3G. Wearable needs to be practical and durable. Are Samsung fishing with watches as bait?

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This is really what they should be using tizen for. In the wearables market, or any other connected device that's not very developed. They could get a serious niche out for themselves there instead of continuously delaying the mythical tizen phone

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ok, now that I have seen a watchface on a curved screen, I have to say that looks weird. the hands on the watch look like they are bent.

It looks like it was designed inspired by the famous painting by Salvador Dali picturing melting watches, but this time a melting Galaxy S smartphone that is also a watch.

You know, instead of complaining, you should start your own blog/website, where you can post what you want, and not post what you don't want, and then you don't have to have all this angst about what companies that make Android products are doing just outside your perceived Android sandbox.

Oh, and you actually get to accomplish something, too, instead of criticizing those who are actually doing stuff.

Hostile much? I love this website but it's not exactly tizen central is it? I think I made a legitimate, rational point. I recommend you see your doctor about upping your dosage before you log on again.

I really like it! Will I buy it, not at this time, but it is pushing for smart watches to actually look nice. I'm very surprised this is by Samsung lol. When Apple comes out with their smart watch, you know if anything it's going to look really nice. Why can't android smart watches look nice? Hmm, now I'm a little more interested, especially if it's not for Samsung only devices.

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That's a nice watch, but I'm not feeling the band they're using. Hopefully their round watch doesn't have that band and has Android Wear.

LG's rendered watch face looks real and classy. Samsung's curved render looks cheesy and cartoony. I think LG has a design advantage this time around and I never thought I would say that.

In podcast 200 you mentioned looking like a tool when you talk into your watch. I assume most users would pair it with a Bluetooth headset.

Perfect specs for a smartwatch. Just needs to run full Android rather than Tizen. I really appreciate this as the first smartwatch with acceptable display resolution.
- Run Android.
- More normal width band. This band looks ridiculous, but nice looking smartwatch.
- Mirasol type display would be better for battery and outdoor visibility. I don't care about color quality for images on a tiny screen, but do appreciate high resolution.

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