Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Mobile president J.K. Shin at this morning's keynote just announced the Samsung Galaxy S, a monster 4-inch Super AMOLED Android phone.

The phone has three main pillars in its inception: Screen, speed and content.

For screen, it ha the new Super AMOLED technology that Samsung unveiled back at Mobile World Congress, which in addition to bringing the brightest screen available, it brings a 20 percent increase in battery life, Shin said.

On the processor side, it features a 1GHz chip -- the new standard for Samsung, Shin said -- bringing better graphics, multitasking and video.

But really, Shin said, it all boils down to content. The greatest screen in the world means nothing if you don't have content for it. And in that end, full-length movies and TV shows are optimized for the device. Also coming are books, newspapers and magazines. You want content? You got content.

We're headed over to get a closer look. Stay tuned.

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wantadesire says:

Is it me or does that think look like an iphone?

atomicdog21 says:

Steve Jobs must be thinking, "Wait I thought we were suing HTC. And yet... this looks eerily familiar"

kmatheny says:

This device is almost the exact same looking as the iPhone, right down to the GUI that's displayed on the big screen. Lol, that is awesome.

blaque37 says:

It's not just you, This thing looks exactly like an iPhone

afazel says:

I don't know if I like the UI on that...In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't.

atrpm says:

I agree... looks great but I don't like the UI on this... why didnt google builded the N1 on this baby??? lol

benhurober says:

so samsung got an iphone and printed their name on it? man thats really next-gen ideas!

kmatheny says:

It seems to me that it's just taking away the uniqueness of the iPhone's physical appearance, which is actually not a terribly bad approach. The iPhone has a fairly distinct look- when you see a phone shaped like it, it's an automatic, "That's an iPhone." Take away that physical uniqueness and you bring Apple back down to just another phone- again, strictly speaking appearance here.

Not a tactic I'd use, but it isn't really that bad of an idea to take a unique looking device and make it into, "just another phone."

atomicdog21 says:

And the social hub? Will it take over the whole phone like MotoBlur appears to in commercials? We'll see.

Elden says:

this looks exactly like an iphone....luckily i happen to like how the iphone looks but just hate the UI sooo did they announce a carrier for this baby yet?

ilongbored says:

Anyone know what service it will be on?

MRGQ says:

Oh great another iPhone wanna be but with a wayy better screen! SMH ...oh Samsung...

MRGQ says:

Even the Call button is on the same side as the iPhone! Lol

techgeek2 says:

yeah, its looks like an Iphone, very dated look! Jobs should sue Samsung

My friend and I IM'd each other at the same moment this flashed on the screen. Shameless copy of the dated iPhone design--both physical body and ecosystem/icon layout.

The Samsung presenter was terrible. Perhaps I should give some allowance for language and differences in style, but his attempt at hype was completely obliterated when they displayed the device.

cluckkillerb says:

Seems enticing, but after having an Instinct for a year and being let down the entire time, just to have the touch screen stop responding after 1 yr and 1 day, I'll never get another Samsung Phone. It's sad that the 6 yr old dumbphone I'm now using is more enjoyable than the Instinct was, lol.

ripcity00 says:

Yah I'm not a fan of Samsung after a similar experience with a prior phone. The specs on the new smartphone look good but I'm leery of either the quality or that they will overload the device with blur-type software on top. I've considered the Instinct for my wife on verizon since she doesn't want the data plan. Maybe I'm better off getting an LG with keyboard and just paying the lowest data fee.

NickF227 says:

Oh look. Its an iphone. With android.

ChocoBilly says:

I've a Droid brick, I think the iPhone design is better. So, I kind of like this one ~

Castle says:

An Android iPhone. ZERO innovation. Sad really.

gregg37 says:

I got rid of my 3GS and went to the Nexus One because I couldnt stand the Apple stranglehold and all the proprietary crap. I would actually kill for a "Iphone running Android", but I can guarantee that coming from Samsung, the build quality will be nothing like an Iphone. It will be made of cardboard and plastic with a cellophane screen like the "In-stink".

Blueriver says:

While Samsung's phones are pretty solid in terms of hardware, they never put any effort on software part, making the whole phone nearly useless. Same goes to UI. So-called new TouchWiz interface is nothing more than just a copycat of others.

Don't they have any shame?

I just saw a picture of the Galaxy on Twitter. It's a big fella, but it, again, just looks like a oversized iPhone. From the looks of it, I'm not feeling the UI. I am reserving complete judgment because not everything conveys online.

rufflez says:

Oh yeah, Apple is calling their lawyers

TaroPsyche says:

I do hope that their S stands for Social, or Steve's lawyers will just have one more thing to sue over >.>;

Eric says:

Looks like the iPhone, but doesn't the iPhone look a lot like the Palm TX Not as fancy but this one is older then the iPhone.