Samsung and Yahoo have teamed up and extended a "Strategic global partnership for mobile" that will effect Android phones as well as phones running Samsung's bada OS. What does this mean for you? Well if you're planning on buying an Android-powered Samsung phone you might be in the same shoes as Motorola Backflip users on AT&T. Samsung phones may replace standard-on-Android Google services with Yahoo services for search, email, contacts, calendar, news, and weather. Yowza. So for those of you thinking of purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S, would this affect your decision? Let us know in the comments! [via BusinessWire]


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Samsung and Yahoo team up on Android smartphones


Would this imply that the decision to run Yahoo on the backflip was a Motorola decision rather than an AT&T decision?

I find it interesting that a manufacturer would standardize on a non-Google platform, attesting to the openness of the OS. However, I wonder if this would lead to more branching of the OS.

I'm not surprised. It's a stretch (and only slightly conspiracy-based), but I'd be willing to bet AT&T had something to do with this decision. It seems that AT&T has some sort of (exclusive?) agreement with Yahoo regarding email/search on their phones, so if Samsung wants the Galaxy S (or any of its Android phones) on more than one carrier (that includes AT&T), they'd need to make the change.

As long as there's a way to change the default provider from Yahoo to Google, I'd be perfectly fine with it. Or a way to have google and yahoo live in harmony on the phone at the same time, that would be OK too.

So let me get this straight... AT&T had something to do with Samsung making all their phones, even the ones that aren't going to AT&T, get off the Google wagon?

Then... AT&T must be behind Motorola switching their location base services too?

Samsung isn't anyone's b**ch. They are coming out with their own OS, so why would they promote Google services which would just make it easier for a consumer to switch to Android?

They are doing it to promote their own OS! Simple. Even with the Android devices they're coming out with, they would want to promote their own... Simple.

unless you are given the option between yahoo and google i wont get within 50 ft of that phone in fear of losing my contacts

I agree if they give me an option to switch between google or yahoo services, i could live with that.

wow. it took a room full of really stoopid people to come up with that. and you know they were all sales and marketing people. no tech or support people within miles of that decision.

Samsugn: "We've decided our destruction of the android user experience is, while effective, is not yet complete. We need to make it worse still. Yahoo is going to help us accomplish that goal."

and 99% of the people drooling over the Samsung Galaxy S just died a little inside. (the other 1% didn't read this yet)

Yahoo his a HORRIBLE company when it comes to how they have their stuff set up. I used to get spam nonstop with my yahoo account. With gmail,I use my email the same way I always did for signing up and spam is a non issue.

Count me as part of the 99%. That really, really sucks. I hope that there is a way to turn it off, or that someone roots that thing opening day and we can put a real ROM on it (maybe even without Samsung's junk skin all over it. Or is that hoping for too much? :P)

Looks like the Dell Streak may have taken the lead back from the Galaxy S again, if this turns out to be as bad as it looks.

Chalk this one up as Too Early To Tell.

If this is just a matter of Yahoo being the default search engine and e-mail provider, with an option to pick your own, then I don't see what the fuss is about.

But if Samsung's custom UI integrates Yahoo so deeply that it's hard or impossible to untangle it, then I can't see how the Galaxy S will compete with the Incredible, Evo, and Nexus One.

The big risk is that that Samsung's sales staff is so blinded by Yahoo's money that they're willing to sacrifice good product design in the same of a corporate partnership that makes the device LESS appealing to early adopters.

I wouldn't buy the galaxy s without the option to change the default search back to Google. Yahoo! Sucks!

That's okay. Google doesn't need Samsung. Samsung probably got the short end of the stick here. When's the last time you heard anyone say that they'd REALLY like to have a Yahoo orientated phone/browser? HA ha ha. I personally have a yahoo account (2 actually). Those and hotmail are what I use to register with when I suspect I'm going to be spammed. They are junk accounts. No one offers the kind of support and service that Google does free of charge. Especially Yahoo.

I have to agree with everyone else. If I'm forced to use Yahoo on the Galaxy S then I won't get it. The only way I would put up with it at that point is if a solid custom ROM was released and I could just wipe Yahoo from the phone as if it never existed, which is how it should be. I like your hardware Samsung, but TouchWiz is teh suck. Long live Android! Long live Google!

Won't be looking at the galaxy S anymore.

Also what the hell is with them locking down android phones. The Desire for example not being rootable! Gorrammit!

I think the comments posted by several and aaronwe are interesting. Thing is that its not just hardware providers in the cell phone industry that do this. Just think of where verizon would be today if it wernt for people in the company doing just that. A majority of googles success is that they cut out all of the corporate bs and just make what people want and they make it work really well. If the hardware manufacturers want to start forcing things down peoples throat like the carriers do for the sake of money then the people will find something better.

"99% of the people drooling over the Samsung Galaxy S just died a little inside." I am also part of that 99%. I've been holding out for a phone like this for a year... I haven't had a phone in a year. I am so disappointed, I almost cried (nr) :(. Now looking at the Evo. Hopefully, sprints signal gets better in NY.

One of the main reasons why my next phone will be an Android phone is the fact that Android has great integration for gmail, googletalk, and google search. I have never liked yahoo and if I can't easily switch the defaults back to google and have to option to remove EVERYTHING yahoo I will not touch this phone. It will really be a shame if they do this because I've always liked samsung products and in my opinion it will ruin this great phone.

So now nothing about a Samsung Android phone is attractive. Between fast processors bogged down by slow bus speeds, great gpus with no additional VRAM, and now there's a possibility of not being able to use Google cloud services.


If this agreement ended up 1) blocking Google cloud services or 2) slowed down my use of Google cloud service, this news would certainly steer me away from Samsung's devices.

Assuming I had, for some reason, purchased one of these Samsung devices, I sure as heck would be deleting a lot of Yahoo crapware during phone setup.

I know not much of a comment here, but I would so avoid a samsung phone if this were the case. I never use anything yahoo.

Gross. So much of what I do is tied to Google and unless I can change the defaults I, like SO MANY others out there, won't be getting this phone for this reason only. I'd rather get an iPhone (but I won't).
Looks like I'll be waiting for the NEXT killer (android) phone.

edit...added "android" - 'cause I ain't goin' anywhere else

Man I feel sorry for all those that were excited for this device, or any upcoming Samsung/Android phone. I'm sure there are a few that won't really care, and a few that actually welcome the change, but overall I expect to see disappointment. Google services are the backbone of Android and really integrate well on an Android powered device. I wouldn't even consider this phone, even if you are able to set Google as the default for all the services as it really just feels like a slap in the face to me.

I don't really see how they expect to benefit from this decision. Current Android fans, for the most part, would in no way even consider this device. As for those looking to make the jump over to Android, even those with the most basic familiarity with Android will be discouraged from considering this device.

Who is their target market? Those who just want a smartphone for the sake of saying they have one. The customers who will upgrade to a smartphone, yet still only use it to text and make the occasional calls? There surely is that group out there,and that's fine, but not really a "bankable" demo IMO.

Meh /EndRant. Sorry.

Ok, I was willing to overlook TouchWiz (even the name sounds wrong), and even overlook the fact that the phone doesn't have a camera flash... but this is just taking it too far. Yahoo's cloud services simply suck. The search is awful, the mail is worse, and who wants an IM client that only does one protocol?

So what happened to the 'with Goggle' label that the phone was sporting when it was first shown off? Doesn't that specify that it's a 'Google Experience' phone, with all the Google apps on it?

Sorry Samsung, it's Google for me and 99.999% of the other people like me who want an Android smart phone instead of a jumped-up feature phone.

I was pretty stoked for this phone, but depending on how Yahoo is integrated I may have to pass.

I think I'll have to look very hard at the Mytouch Slide to at least upgrade from my G1... its memory is too low for even going from the browser to the home page these days.

I think I'll look to fork over the cash for the 'Slide and keep my upgrade for something better then sell the 'Slide.

...soooo sad...

Enough with all of this please...I don't want an Android phone with no Google search, Gmail and Google maps!

I was getting so excited about Samsung's Android phones with amazing super amoled screens and have been waiting for them, this is not good news ;(

The Samsung Wave is cool too, doesn't need to be ruined either.

I wouldnt mind giving it a try to see how well they are integrated. They better be if they are looking to break off of google and their whole packaged services.

Besides i have an original email account i wouldnt mind being put to use. And i have zero spam in it :)

also i have a paid flickr account ... so that would be awesome.

i love android, but i would never buy an android phone without a true google experience. i'm currently using a droid, which is as true as it gets, plain vanilla android 2.1 i am opening up to the idea of sense cause its just so awesome, but i would never get a phone with default yahoo programs.

Competition is always good. Look at Apple vs Android. Android has the advantage over Apple because of mutiple phone manufacturers and the number is growing (except for Samsung maybe jumping ship) and Androids acceptance on many Carriers worldwide and the number is growing too. I'm guessing this year alone will probably yield over 50 new Android phones and devices. That's leaps and bounds way more than iPhone and Samsung phones/devices put together.

Whether Samsung and their bada OS will gain acceptance from other phone manufacturers and carriers is the big question. AT&T might end up being the big white elephant on this one, just for the sake of exclusivity???

Google's Android as a smartphone OS has the advantage because of Google's extensive PC based applications and services which is accepted and used worldwide. Google can port them to their Mobile platform. Samsung is no where near Google in PC applications and services.

A new smartphone OS itself is not enough to sway manufacturers and carriers to adopt it. Look at Palm's Web OS, a beautiful OS and concept, yet is not making any major acceptance.

Yahoo itself is not a stable company.

Bad move Samsung.

Good luck and good riddance.

Options are always good. If you have a CHOICE who cares, right? If forcing me to use Yahoo features was the deal however, I wouldn't purchase the phone. Google is this big for a reason, most of their services in my personal opinion are pretty great.