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Samsung and Electronic Arts have closed a revenue deal that will bring new games to Samsung's App Store, and put more money in game developer's pockets. The deal starts March 4, and participating developers will get 100-percent (as in all of it) of the profits from sales for the first six months, then Samsung will collect 10-percent for the next six months, and finally the fees return to the industry standard 20-percent the following year. This is a pretty big deal, from a pair of pretty big players in the industry.

Update: Samsung and the 100% indie team has sent us a correction. Developers will receive 100% revenue from March 4, 2013 through September 3, 2013, 90% revenue share from September 4, 2013 through March 3, 2014, 80% revenue share from March 4, 2014 through March 3, 2015, and after March 4, 2015, Samsung Apps developers will begin receiving the industry-standard 70% revenue share. The part about this being a really good deal for developers is unchanged. 

The program is also focused towards indie games, and is designed to put those obscure titles on the same plane as well-known games like those in the Angry Birds series. Developers who participate aren't tied up in any sort of exclusivity deal, and are free to publish their games at other markets like Google Play or Amazon. They are also encouraged to bring existing games into the Samsung App market. 

Of course Samsung benefits as well here. Getting people tied into their "ecosystem" instead of Google's or Amazon's is no easy task. Samsung is now the top seller of smart phones in the world, but when everyone has a smart phone it's always good to have a secondary source of revenue. Eventually, smart phone ownership will reach its peak, and Samsung hopes their services will keep people interested in the brand, and keep the money flowing. Having a rich content catalog is one of the best ways to make that happen.

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Samsung and EA make plans to bring more games to Samsung's App store


Ludicrous- that site isn't formatted for mobile and doesn't list the GSIII? Just checked and don't see the app preloaded on my phone...

Great, more games that I'll have to buy again in the Samsung Apps store, because their Google Store versions - that I already paid for on another device - will be not compatible with the phone. And yet on the Samsung Apps the same apps will be compatible. Just like in case of the international Galaxy S III and NFS Shift, The Sims 3 and until recently Plants vs Zombies. And many more, I'm sure, that I don't remember at the moment.

Yup, that's why I stopped buying EA games on Android. They work great until you get an update, then it is no longer compatible with you phone. Learned the hard way with SimCity, Need for Speed Shift, and others. EA never updates their Android games. The worst developer in the Play Store!

Noob question:

So what if, for example, I buy a game from the Samsung App Store and somewhere along the line I change my phone to another brand (Moto X Phone, for example), what happens to the game I bought? Won't I be able to install it in the new phone? I've never used any other app store other than Google Play (I'm not from the US so Amazon isn't available to me), so I've never experienced buying from another app store.

I get google play, I even understand Amazon , ok there is Samsung store, do they all have the same stuff seems like it to me. Other than say price , and free game of the week. are there developers out there and apps you can only find on say Amazon or say Samsung? what If if get a new phone or tablet that is not Samsung am I going to stuck? Been happy with Google play. Any one know?

Bottom line this is another great option to have. I use the Samsung apps store very often on my Galaxy Note 2. They have great Spen applications and decent applications. I also use the amazon app store on my Galaxy Note 2 three separate stores assures excellent choices in applications, games, and movies. Samsung is well aware of exactly what their customers want and like to have on their devices. Rather people like it or not Samsung is android plain and simple NOBODY ELSE COMES CLOSE to comparing.

I'm not sure what Samsung's long term plan is here. I mean, it looks like they want to circumvent the android ecosystem with their own...which sounds like a great business plan. Then they will be getting the cut of music downloads, video rentals, app downloads, etc.

But let's say for a moment they are successful. That would basically make supporting Android pointless for Google because they aren't making any money off of it. Does Samsung really think Touchwiz is enough to make up for major release versions of Android for forever?

I really don't understand why Google is allowing this kind of fragmentation. I realize it's an "open" system but they do have the power to deny support to manufactures that are "forking" their software, which is a line Samsung has been flirting with for some time now.

Just when I wanted to buy a Samsung phone they do something like this to make me think they are trying to get out on their own. From reading different blogs and articles it seems that Samsung just needs their own app store with developers to separate from Android and use their Tizen, Bada, TouchWiz or whatever OS they want to use. They have the brand name recognition, market size, financial backing, technology, operating system, and manufacturing to be on their own. But without developers to make apps for their OS then they are nothing.

I guess I will wait til Verizon gets the Nexus 4 to upgrade.