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Both Apple and Samsung have been granted requests to add additional devices to their respective patent claims against one another by a federal judge recently. This means that Samsung can claim patent infringement by the iPhone 5, while Apple can target Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S3, and Jelly Bean useon the Galaxy Nexus. 

Though Samsung suffered a significant blow over the summer against Apple, CEO JK Shin is still digging in his heels and vowing not to settle their patent disputes. This next round isn't even due to reach trial until 2014, and at time of filing, included iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models, versus 19 Samsung devices. 

It's a little disheartening to hear that we're still going to be dealing with the same patent disputes more than a year from now, but at this point we should probably all be used to it. Will Apple and Samsung ever get out of this legal grappling? Samsung hasn't been shy about applying some pressure from the supplier relationship angle, but I can only see that antagonizing Apple into getting more aggressive in the courtroom rather than pushing them into settling. 

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Samsung and Apple allowed to add new products to patent lawsuits


As long as there are companies out there making smart phones and tablets, Apple is going to try to destroy these companies using every means possible. When all is said and done, Apple will have a monopoly thanks to the assistance of the broken US patent office, and judges who can't see the light of day.

Which part of Jellybean on the Galaxy NEXUS did Samsung develop? This sounds like Apple is begging Google to step in and straight PWN them on Samsung's behalf.

Samsung is now the 800lb Gorilla. Apple stock is dropping fast with people removing it from Portfolios. Apple is also dependent upon Samsung as a critical part of their supply chain. I see this as Apple poking the bear. Samsung, on pride and momentum alone, are going to drop some serious bread on their mobile platform. Especially after the ridiculous success of the S3. I would continue to expect Samsung to really push the envelope and dominate. Anyone want to bet that the S4 is incredibly dope from a hardware AND software perspective? I've done nothing but ride the HTC wagon for years now but its obvious that Sammy is the place to be.

Your MO around here is well known. This is a new, news story. Link bait would be if it was some kind of sensationalized headline, and put out a week after the news story broke.

What I find to be the funniest part of these "they copied us" trial is this, Open up every I-Phone made in the last few years and just about every part in the I-Phones are made by that bad company that copied them, Samsung. Samsung makes the I-Phone, that is hilarious IMO. If Samsung wanted to play real hardball they could really screw up the manufacturing process. If I was Samsung I would make Apple pay dearly for all the sneaky bull shit they have been pulling. Apple has to be the dirtiest, sneakiest and lowest company in the smart phone business. What goes around comes around. End Of Story.

If you were Samsung you would be losing a lot of money, these are multi-billion dollar corporations not teenage drama queens.

Samsung is not the only supplier out there and I'm sure any one of its competitors would be more than happy to have a customer who has sold over 300 million ARM devices in the past 5 years.

I don't approve of Apple's strong arm tactics but I also agree that earlier Samsung phones were blatant ripoffs. Samsung has and always will make cheap phones, shoving in as many marketable features as possible without a care in the world for actual quality.

Get ready this one is going to be even rougher. Hopefully Samsung can get that $1 Billion appealed, then screw over Apple for good on the next trial. I just wan't this to end. But then no doubt these two companies should be working there A$5es off to make a even better product to bring users to their side.

What I'd like to know is why Apple isn't suing LG over having 4.2 Jelly Bean on the Nexus 4. Don't get me wrong: I can't stand what Apple and its lawyers are doing, but a Nexus is a Nexus is a Nexus, so if 4.2 pushes out to the Galaxy Nexus as well as being native to the Nexus 4, why are they only going after Samsung? Seems a little inconsistent to me, as well as a LOT biased towards a particular company. If Android is the enemy, why isn't the biggest dispute with Google? Yet again, Apple fails at logic argumentation. (Rant over.)

My Belief would be Apple hasn't gone after Google directly due to Google not direclty selling android since it's an open source software that device manufacturer sell and profit from. So Google isn't really making money directly from Android, thus not really worth Apple's time to go for money where it already isn't, better to go after device manufacturer's that are actually getting a direct profit.

Apple is probably getting ready to go after LG and the Nexus 4. It takes time but they will get everything together for the trial in 2015 against the Nexus 4 and jellybean.

piizadude is right, pensour. You definitely seem to exhibit troll characteristics. I specifically came to Android Central to read THEIR TAKE on what happened today, after reading about it on Reuters and groklaw. Why? Because I respect their reporting. If you feel differently, please feel free to go elsewhere.

You lose credibility with almost every post. You are obviously in need of attention, and seem to be happy to settle for the negative attention you get here. Okay. You are definitely getting what you want. But I imagine that most people here have just begun to ignore your posts. I will probably do the same.