Samsung Admire

As we expected, and let you all know about -- the Samsung Admire has now arrived at MetroPCS in time for back-to-school sales. One thing we weren't sure of at the time was what, exactly MetroPCS would be charging for the little Android 2.3 powered device and now we know. The Samsung Admire can be yours for only $129 on plans $50 or more plus, you can also get $15 off apps in the Amazon App Store with a mail-in coupon. Not a bad deal, make a good phone for kids heading back to school!

Source: MetroPCS; via: PhoneScoop


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Samsung Admire now available at MetroPCS


That little bugger looks just like LG's Optimus line of mid-range phones. And no I'm not saying LG should sue...

Looks Like a nice little midrange device. I got to see it when i went into the Metro PCS store looking inexpensive headphones.

I know they won't do it but if Webos or WP7 wanted to grow they would attack the regional carriers like metro.

android phones overall have 15% chance defective rate, so lets not blame the carrier, but the actual company that makes the model.