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New accessory tracks daily activities and shows 'simple' notifications

Samsung is betting big on mobile fitness gadgets this year. Exercise and health tracking a major focus of the Galaxy S5, as well as the new Gear 2 series smartwatches, and of course the Gear Fit. But the Korean company might have another trick up its sleeve, in the form of a competitor to traditional low-powered fitness accessories, as this morning Samsung fansite SamMobile has published images of a new Samsung "Activity Tracker."

The device is referred to by the site as an "S Band," though the slides themselves simply call it the "Samsung Activity Tracker." Like similar products from Sony and othes, it looks like the components of the Activity Tracker will contained in a small pebble-like device, allowing it to fit into a wristband or clip.

A basic fitness accessory that'll connect to '14 flagship devices'

It appears to have a basic monochrome display — mainly occupied by a single icon — with buttons on the side. And as you'd expect, the device allows users to track various everyday activities — calories consumed, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep efficiency. Naturally, the accessory connects to Samsung smartphones ("14 flagship devices") through the S Health 3.0 app and Bluetooth LE, and there's also support for "simple" notifications for calls and messages from your paired Galaxy handset. A "loss protection" feature can also make the phone and tracker sound an alarm if they're more than 10 meters away from each other, and this function can be manually activated at any time to locate a lost device.

There's no word on prices or availability for the Samsung Activity Tracker just yet, but we'd expect it to emerge shortly after the Galaxy S5, with pricing somewhere below that of the Gear Fit.

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Samsung 'Activity Tracker' revealed in leaked slides


What is up with all this fitness tracking stuff? Another marketing ploy just to get people to buy it? This tells me they are running out of stuff to push a product to people to make it appealing.

Honestly though, if our school system dedicated an hour or more a day to teach our children the benefits of being healthy, and of coarse ACTUAL physical play, instead of cramming math and etc. down their throats with 3 hours of homework every night, this fitness crap would be a wash.

My wife and I along with our 3 kids are fit and healthy for the most part. We are active and stay busy. But we don't eat, sleep, and breath this crap like it's the ONLY thing that is keeping us alive.

So while I wouldn't support a position of actually sacrificing learning for more activity, here's an example of a conversation I had with my son.

"Hey bud, how was gym today?"
"Okay, we sat there and took a written test on basketball."

Way to put the 'ed' back in phys ed.

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No, too much teaching down to the level of "Special Ed's" and not enough challenging of the majority. Children being taught it's okay if they don't participate because someone said something mean. Too much coddling because we don't want to teach them how to confront fear. Too many kids hiding behind the excuses their parents are WAY too eager to provide as to why they can't participate in physical activities.

... Too many teachers being expected to provide the roles PARENTS should be providing OUTSIDE of school.

We haven't seen anything yet. Next will be:
Samsung calorie binge/purge tracker
Samsung poop tracker
Samsung beer tracker (for the non-exercise folks)
Samsung dog tracker
Samsung elderly tracker
Samsung boss tracker
Samsung psycho ex tracker

You know you are suppose to poop 6 times a day. Also got to stay away from gluten. Fat is a gluten

This is exactly what I'm looking for in a fitness tracker. I love my Force but would like simple notifications.

I know people like to get on Samsung for making so many different products, and for flooding the market with what seems to be only slight changes to their existing product line up.

However, I think I understand what they are doing and I don't see it as a bad thing. There are no two people alike, and the needs that one person has are not the same as the next person. As a company it appears they have decided, and not just in the mobile space, but in everything thing they make, to have a product to fit the needs of as many consumers as they possible can. No matter where a person is in life, be it rich or poor, healthy or not, tech savy or complete novice, they have built a product for you.

This fitness tracker thing is not for me, but to the person who is looking for just this type of product, to that person they would welcome the fact that it exist.

Absolutely! I've been training for a long time so I welcome the fitness aspect of their products. I know many other who will take advantage as well.

I totally agree. My only gripe is that we then are stuck with All the options Samsung included in the device rendering a 16gig phone do. To half the memory.

I'm sold on Samsung products but don't you think it would be to their benefit to give us the option to delete the things we don't use? Samsung has some good stuff on their devices. I'm just tired of the other 80% that I would love to delete.

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I do agree that many of the added features should/could be available for download from their own app store. This way if the consumer wishes to have all, some, or none of the features they could decide for themselves.

This looks too big and gaudy for a fitness tracker. I like the discreetness of my fitbit flex.

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Actually this would be easy to do with today's cell phone technology. Just "bump" or NFC with your significant other's phone (while things are still going well of course) to leave a hidden app that broadcasts the phone's location, and let GPS and wireless connections do their magic. When the relationship tanks, you still have access to their loction. The ethics are a completely different issue...but it is definitely possible.