Samsung battery pack.


Here's a quick look at the Samsung 9000 mAh external battery pack that came out this spring and is currently available from the fine folks at These sorts of Android accessories are pretty simple by design, and Samsung's done well here. You've got a blocky charger -- it's about the same size as a deck of cards, but thicker -- but with sloping edges, making it easier to hang onto, if for some reason you don't want to stash it in a pocket.

Functionally, there's not a whole lot to do here. It blissfully charges via microUSB (this wasn't always the case with older batteries) at 1.8 amps -- that's the rated output as well. There's a real on/off switch instead of a button, which we prefer over pushbuttons. Four LEDs indicate the battery's level while charging or discharging. The rate at which your phone will be juiced up depends on your phone's battery capacity, of course -- and some phones like the HTC One may charge slower on purpose. But we didn't notice anything untoward here. It just works. 

Samsung's included a short USB to microUSB cable as well as USB to 30-pin cable for charging Samsung tablets. (Smart!) You're on your own to charge the battery up, though, as there's no wall charger included. That's not a big deal, though. Chances are you have at least one laying around. 

The one downside -- this sucker's not cheap. At all. But then again, it's got an expensive brand name on it. 

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Samsung 9,000 mAh external battery pack - lots of juice for lots of dollars


You HTC fanboys are going nuts lately.
Get a grip, "copying" a battery pack idea? Those things are around forever. Long before HTC had such a thing in their portfolio.

You we're screaming "copying" even inside the Android community. Great...

This is lame. Not sure how much it is because you didn't say, but I got a 9,100 mAh charger off amazon for $40. The best part? It has the charging cable for micro USB and older apple products BUILT IN! When not in use they fold nicely into the battery, and I don't have to worry about extra cables. Oh, and it came with a wall charger (anything that needs to be charged should). I really love it!

One more thing. It has those 2 cables built in, and two more ports if I wanna charge something with a different hook up, or charge multiple things at a time. Aw yeah.

Can't remember the brand (left it at home today) but I'll give ya one when I get home from work (about 6ish hours) :)

Try looking at the Anker line. The above images look like this Samsung battery could just be a repbrandrd Anker.

Anker are on Amazon for cheap.

I have an Anker Astro 3E, that I got from Amazon. Its a 10,000 mAh, and it cost less than half of this darn thing, and it also has 2 full size USB ports for charging.

This! I have it too and they have been a fabulous company to deal with. They take extra steps to reach out and make sure you are satisfied with their product, not once, but twice after the purchase. I paid $40 on Amazon for it and it can charge apple and android at the same time (android at full speed). I've found it charges 1% for every 1.1 minutes. LOVE THIS THING! Cannot recommend it enough!

I also have an Anker- a 5Ah and I have been very pleased with it. You can keep it plugged in, charging all the time, then plug your cradle into that for phone charging. So it is always ready to go if you want to take it with you. Well made, lots of capacity, and only $40 on Amazon.

I dont absolutely have to have one but l when I do its a godsend, such as when I go tent camping for several days. I have the zero lemon 9300mah battery for my note 2. Paying top dollar for a special battery charger that has less power than my removable battery which only costs $40 is nuts.

Wow someone who bought that thing huh? How much of a beast is it? Is the phone stupid thick? I like it's current thickness not sure the extra juice would be worth it...
How long does it last you?

Nothing in your post argues in favor of a removable battery. The only slightly creditable point which you didn't mention is that fixed batteries have a shelf know if you keep your device for 4 years you MAY need to have the fixed battery replaced agruement lol. You can easily get a 9000+mah charger for ~$40 to use in situation like a multiple day hiking/backpacking/camping trip...AND your device doesn't have to be a thick brick when you need it. People are just resistant to change. Battery tech has been and will continue to improve. I know a few people with original iphones still working fine on the original fixed battery. That's an old arse device that is dozens of times past it's "expected" useful life/charging cycles.

Well, while you are carrying around this clunky thing I'll just pop the back off my S4 and insert a spare battery and be done with it. Where do you plug in that 9000+ ma charger on a camping trip? I'm amazed at the lengths people who buy phones without removable batteries go to to justify their purchase.

Are you serious? You dont have to plug it in when you are on a camping trip. It will fully charge your phone 4 times. So unless your camping for two weeks, you should really be all set, right?

Wow?! You really don't get it, huh? For the record I don't have one of these, but it'd work great for any scenario in which one would otherwise like to pop in a new battery. I had two spares for my LTE Gnex and never used them. I'm also quite the outdoorsman. I also travel often for business. You may be surprised how long a device last in airplane mode w/ only GPS on (wtf do you need with said phone on a camping trip besides maybe music and gps?)Could milk a few days no problem. My N4 gets much, much better battery life than my gnex or S3 did (probably even the stock GN2 I had). No problem going well over a day and regularly get 4+ SOT. I've had over 5 hrs SOT. Not stock (as never has been any of my Nexi), but syncing everything, everything on, and auto brightness (values ramped up via aokp so it's brighter at each interval than stock. Point is the removable vs fixed battery debate is really a moot point to anyone that bothers to look at the alternatives. Now removable storage/sd card...that one can live on. I personally have no need for one, but I can see it being useful (or a ton of onboard storage) and I wouldn't be the least bit offended if my device had one. I understand why Google won't use them on Nexi. Good thing there's decent options that still have them.

How many HTC One Xs without a removable battery sold in comparison to Galaxy S3 with a removable battery? Do you even know what a moot point is?

And I'll bet you like one type of pancake over the others so that's the one you buy. It really shouldn't be this hard to figure out.

I've been using an Anker power pack for the last year or so and I've been really happy with it. Their 10,000mAh battery packs are only $40 on Amazon.

I also have an Anker power pack (8400 mAh model) and it works great. The advantage I see with my Anker is that it has 2 USB outputs so I can charge my Phone AND Tablet at the same time (or multiple phones/tablets) if needed. Especially important if I am working on my WiFi tablet using my phones hotspot connection.

For the same price and space required I think I would buy a few standard sized replacement batteries to carry around if needed.

No. The true advantage here is that you can use this for ALL your devices (phone, tablet, camera, etc), current and future.

Exactly. I use mine for several different phones. No investment in batteries that won't work on anything else in the world when I upgrade my phone.

And you can recharge the battery pack without tieing up your phone.

Exactly. Aside from being a MUST for anyone who plays Ingress (battery hog is an understatement) I carry one with me when traveling or just hanging out. It works for my phone, my tablet, my wife's phone, my friends' phones... It's simply awesome.

But the Samsung one is a ripoff. Check Amazon for Anker.

I've been using the "PowerGen PGMPP8400 8400mAh External Battery Pack Dual USB Port" available on Amazon. I'm able to charge my phone multiple times without having to recharge it. It works great.

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the post and its looking awesome in your new photo.

by the way, a good company product will be good also. nice looking beast.

Thanks in Advance

I haven't tried this battery pack but I have to +1 on the 10,000 mah ANKER battery pack. I bought a little over a year ago when Phil did an article on the smaller version of it. I think it was between $50-$60 and it has two ports for two different devices. Great for those who don't have spare batteries or NO removable battery. Check it out.

Got a 50% off coupon for registering the note 2 on samsungs site and used it on this. Paid 50 bucks for it. Well worth it.

depends on your country of origin, i have seen american sites selling them from as little as $55 and will ship to uk, the they vary in price depending on the site but expect anywhere between $55-$99, if I can get hold of one for about $60 then its a good deal for a known manufacturer, there are cheaper packs on amazon and ebay, but i have seen what thy can do to mobile phones as i work in a uk phone repair store,(Some have crippled phones burnt out the motherboards and various other damage im guessing due to power fluctuations or other power related issues with cheap Chinese or equivalent manufacturers, but i do not know specifically which ones so if buying i would check feedback from other buyers and possible see if they mention the names of their devices they bought for, just for a heads up, and check warranty status in case of faults