Google is reportedly set to reveal a new feature in Android called Nearby. According to Android Police, Nearby is an upcoming feature that is an extension of the location services within Android. The end goal to provide increased accuracy for your smartphone to know your exact location and to know what's around it.

As an extension of the location services, Nearby will use Bluetooth and audio clues to pinpoint where you are. This information will be useful to Nearby so that it can share your location with other people and other devices. And if you've given Nearby permission, it can act on that location info on your behalf.

We're not sure yet how (or if) third-party developers can use it, but if they can apps will be able to serve you content based on your proximity to objects and specific locations. We'll hopefully learn more about Nearby at Google I/O 2014.

Source: Android Police


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Rumored Android feature Nearby will help pinpoint your exact location


Tin foil hat. I don't know if I should find it so hilarious but I am literally crying from laughter.

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This is what people from Alabama do when they get nanobot snow due to obamacare.

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You guys never saw those YouTube videos this past winter? People where holding a lighter up to snow, and, because you couldn't see water dripping and the snow was turning black, they said it was government made snow. Lol. Look it up.

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Its aluminum foil now, I don't think it works very good anymore.....

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Didn't you know? That's precisely why the government forced the foil manufacturers to switch from tin to aluminum. I read about it on the Internet.

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Titanium works better than tinfoil and is impenetrable, but of course is more expensive.

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

+1 Although I feel like this is more like the thing in The Dark Knight that batman used with the cell phones. Although this is definitely a great start for a Google Skynet

I hate that I love stuff like this. I understand why people fear it, and I feel like I'm SUPPOSED to, but instead I just think it's awesome.

Agreed. I will absolutely turn it on, then look for a way to disable any sort of "share your location with friends" feature.

Besides Google,my wife and every government agency who else will be able to know my location with pinpoint accuracy?

Skynet would pale compared to this.

Arm implants and National ID cards coming soon on the Google Play Store

Christ, another Google spy app, what is it with those people !!! Remember when Google was a top search engine ? jesus !!

Android is an operating system, localized personal ads aren't necessarily the point which is why you have the option to opt out (which i did) but before i did i was bombarded with usless information telling me and the rest of God knows who where i am and where I've been, no thanks

I know what Android is, but without a doubt it is a platform for Google ads, in one form or another. Localization and targeting makes it more likely you will click that link

Same with Windows.

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Point taken but I'm a great believer in democracy and i believe if most Android users had the knowledge about Google's privacy policy they would opt out even though Google seem to make it difficult to do so

Agreed, most do. Most that are informed do. But there are 10s of millions that either don't know, don't understand or don't care. Those are where the money is

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"...I'm a great believer in democracy..."
democracy doesn't have a single goddamned thing to do with it. Wrapping yourself in patriotism and politicism to make a tech point makes you sound like a crackpot.

Read between the lines of my post, everyone has the right to turn off. If wanna be 'followed' and mithered that's your business. I just happened to take a fancy to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because of specs but the more pissed off i get with American giant the Moor i discovered that Google was actually running my device, now that's fk'in annoying !!

I think the NSA told Google to implement this! Although it would be helpful in tracking your device's exact location through Android device manager in the event it gets lost or stolen.

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We forgot a phone in a hotel and had to drive back to get it Device Manager lead us directly to the maids office where the phone was. It doesn't need any more accuracy.

I can barely get my GPS to kick on when I'm driving, how the heck will this even know where I am. I guess Google wants to make a Gordon gecko sized phone to handle the battery drain.

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Why is this needed?
Location services already knows which seat in the restaurant I'm sitting in, and will lead me directly to the front door of any business.
Why would anyone needs better precision than that?

Why would Google need better precision than they already have just for ads?

This isn't about sending ads to you. It's about having the sales staff know you by name when you step into the shoe store.

I don't think it has that much to do with accuracy and more to do with making nearby devices communicate with each other. Using Bluetooth or WiFi gives your phone the ability to exchange info with someone else's nearby. Kinda like Android Beam, but you don't even have to touch the phones together.

I post the shit I want to share on Facebook. I don't beam random people. If I wanted to beam a friend I'd wait until I saw them next to me and do it. If they weren't next to me I'd contact them and get them next to me.

Better still I'd just show them my phone.

Google (and the world) doesn't need to murder my battery for this level of precision.

Too much convenience for me. Hell, I won't turn on WiFi for "better accuracy", use Google Now, or allow Google to use location on my browser.
If there's something I want, I'll already be heading to the store, and I go shopping about thrice a year.

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