Room 237

Cook some Jiffy Pop and keep that tin foil for a hat -- Room 237 is 100 minutes of thought-provoking conspiracy theories

With no podcast tonight, I've been forced to find something else to occupy my idle hands. A quick trip into Google Play found the film Room 237, and halfway through I'm hooked.

Without any spoilers, it dissects Stanley Kubrick's take on The Shining into a million tiny slices, and analyzes it all with a keen eye for detail -- and conspiracy theories abound. Half of what I'm hearing sounds absolutely insane, but all of it sounds interesting as heck. Well worth the $7, and I didn't have to get dressed and head to the theater.

Remember, there's more to Google Play than just apps if you're in a country that supports all the content. If you're bored, or a film enthusiast I think you'll like this one. 

Rent Room 237 from Google Play


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Room 237 is a movie for movie buffs - and available in Google Play


What the heck does this have to do with Android? I hope the people behind this movie are paying you a nice sum for this advertising.

The simple fact that this was brought to our attention says alot about how great you guys and gals are. You're all over Google Play and that's a great thing for the Android community.
Plus it shows that our celebrities are well rounded and informed.

Oh yeah, I want the winged unicorn pony!

Considering how big Google Play is, we need android sites to help find good stuff with in that is less known.
Until Google creates a Google for the play market to specifically find what I'm looking for, I depend on android sites telling me cool stuff in the play store

Awesome post Jerry, I hope you do more of these types of posts here. It's one of those things that brings a more personal touch to the site. Don't go full-style blogging, of course, but this was refreshing in my opinion, and is no different than an app recommendation list that everyone always asks for. It's just a different medium and is more specifically-focused, which I like.

Again, thanks! I'm going to check it out. $7 compared to the current AMC Theater costs in person...yeah, think I'll go with Google Play's pricing, unless I really want the whole social aspect and giant screen to stare into.

P.S: Jerry, AC should sell tin foil hats with bugdroid (or llyod) antennas on top. :-P

I often forget that you can get other things than just apps and games on play. Never ventured to pay for a movie or film before on play. I usually just transfer tv shows or movies from the computer to my phone then watch them when I can.

I started watching this movie but couldn't finish it. It's just filled with REALLY wacked out conspiracy theories...when the guy that thinks Kubrick was putting in clues that he was the one that faked the moon landing kept going on and on about it, it's when I turned it off.

Danny wearing the Apollo 11 sweater...237,000 miles the moon room...launch pad 39a...

Tin foil hats indeed!