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A nice rounded out day for Android news today. New Facebook messenger apps, Euro Xooms getting updated and some new details from the Apple / Samsung battle emerged. If you missed any of it, jump on back and have a look or if you're looking for more info or just want to talk Android -- head on into the forums.

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Rolling back an update, Android Market questions [From the Forums]


is this is a official android aproved web page? or is an unoficial android webpage im just a little curious i just join the community and im new at this i dont want to get in trouble if this is a ilegal page against android policy and rules.. i dont like ilegal stuff, please excuse my grammar english is not my primary language

As far as I know, this site is all about LEGAL policies, but I don't know if it's officially sanctioned by Google though. Anyone wants to chime in?

PS. Your English is just fine and welcome to the Community!

Thank you for that info, i would like to read more opinions as i like to clear my doubt, i dont want to go to bed with that question in my head, it would be really frustrating and disturbing thinking about it.

I guess you have a hard on for me, huh? Sorry but I like women... Try somewhere else, google is your friend.

pDOG whats your problem? he was just been polite and helping out, if you dont have nothing constructive to say, STFU then, thank you.