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One of the best things about being the big brother to is that we get to read headlines like "Roger McNamee is our Hero" and "McNamee and Rubinstein ham it up" and "Funny McNamee video." ... See where we're going with this?

McNamee is co-founder of Elevation Partners, the investor group (that includes Bono!) that basically saved Palm from certain death before it was later purchased by HP. And to put it bluntly, the man's not afraid to speak his mind. His recent message at the Paley Center for Media? Google's been too successful, which has "polluted its product" -- and which Android has failed to fix. According to McNamee, only 1 percent of Google's search queries come from smartphones, with the rest coming from traditional computers. Half of all internet-connected devices are smartphones, he says, yet just a tiny fraction of Google's search queries come from its smartphones -- Android.

Meanwhile, there's Apple, which totally killed it with its app model. And we can't argue that, indeed, Apple's totally killed it with its app model. And things are getting even more interesting with HTML5 entering the fray.

It's an interesting talk, and you check out the whole thing after the break, or at the source link below.

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Roger McNamee: 'Google's already done' in mobile search


That guy is a certified nut-job. Remember when the Palm Pre was coming out? It apparently ate iPhones for breakfast. How's that turn out for ya? lol

As someone who owned a Pre at launch way back when, I would say irrevocably that it DID eat the iPhone for breakfast, hardware-to-hardware and pack-ins considered.

The problem was that Apple already had their established ecosystem, and Palm simply didn't have the wherewithall (read: war chest) to compete. Had they been able to (and not have destroyed their own name and languished in the years prior), it could have been a very different legacy.

I really wish HP was doing a better job of leveraging WebOS, but they're still trying to be the only hardware vendor, and play Apple's game. Were they to take pages from Android's book and license out to hardware vendors, I think it would have a much better audience.

If only 1% is coming from smart phones, that means that the 99% represents the massive amount of searches that happen from Google.

Even that would be wrong.

First, he has no basis for his 1% claim, and thats not what Google is claiming. Google revealed that mobile search is climbing faster than desktop search, especially when people are out and about.

It already exceeds more than 11% (did this clown get a decimal place wrong)??? See this story:

Second, its expected to exceed 20 percent by 2012: ( a mere 4 months away):

So his fundamental premise is totally WRONG out of the gate, something that a mobile search would have found out: Lets google it for him:

That's funny because the default search engine for the iPhone is GOOGLE!!! What a freakin moron! The App Store model does no good when trying to find restaurants and places to park in cities or who was in xx movie. Yes there are apps for that but a TON of people just hop onto google and do a quick search.

What a complete and utter moron this guy makes himself!

He is claiming searches are launched from apps, not explicitly via the app store. But he's clearly wrong.

True some people use things like Around Me.

True, the iphone version of Maps is so fundamentally crippled that finding a shoe store or a hotel near you is a mess.

But even searches that launch from apps earn Google money.

But those are a tiny percentage of all searches. If your phone's home page is not facebook then it is almost certainly Google.

I can't even be bothered to launch an app to find out how badly my Mariners have lost. I hold down the magnifying glass symbol and speak "mariners score" and find the bad news immediately. Want a stock quote? Speak" "Stock price G O O G" and Bam there it is.

I can't speak for apple but, Google definitely helps when looking for was in XXX MOVIE though, LMAO

And I'm sure that's happening on mobile phones prolly more than ever now. I wonder if this D-bag is counting searches that are submitted through the Google search bar that is standard on all Android devices or if he's counting how many Google based searches come from hitting the Google search button, instead of actually launching the browser and going to

Exactly how did Apple kill Google on app model? What is it because Apple makes more? Well I mean thats obvious if you have to buy to try. Maybe thats one reason more Android are being sold than iPhones. Google accomplished its goal which was to make sure no one company had the future of mobile in its control.

He's heavily invested in Apple, so to protect his interests, he's spreading FUD about anything that competes with their model.

McNamee is co-founder of Elevation Partners, the investor group (that includes Bono!) <--- Ummm and Bono means what? :-/

Someone really needs to tell this guy that desktop, laptop, netbook, smartphone, unsmartphone, tablet, virtually anything that's web enabled, Google IS the goto search engine. You will always hear someone say "Google it" I have yet to hear "Bing it".

There is a bad thing about being to successful companies start to lose focus of goals and of how they treat their employees and customers.

None of this makes sense since Google search is the most widely used search engine on the PC and Mac. Not to mention its the default browser on every Browser besides IE. Its also the default search engine on every smart phone including the iPhone, besides Windows Phone and a few Blackberries and other phones on Verizon. None of what he is saying is based in reality. Even if he was strictly looking at the Google search app which may be used lest often than mobile browsers it is still being used more than Bing or Yahoo apps.

"1 percent of Google's search queries come from smartphones"

That means nothing by itself. It could be that most searches are done from non-smartphones. You have to compare the number og mobile queries to google's competitors.

Funny because I can say with certainty that 90% or more of my searches come from that little magnifying glass on my Evo. If I decide to finish reading said search on my computer I then forward it to my gmail to finish later. I do work outside for ten to twelve hours a day so it is not like I have access to a computer during the day but I do the same thing when I am home. It has just become 2nd nature to grab my phone when I do a search.

He may be wrong on his ' facts' and all but I give him credit for one thing.... Uum where was i? Oh yes, he's a snazzy dresser. Check the hair!