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Custom license plates or take the dog for a walk all on your very own iFruit

Perhaps a little late to the party, Rockstar Games has finally released the iFruit companion app for GTA V into Google Play for Android devices. GTA V was launched a little over a month ago, and the iOS version went live at the same time, so while we've had to wait a while, the important thing is that it's here. And of course, it's a total play on that other fruit phone.

So, what's it all about? Signing in with a Rockstar Social Club account hooks you in to your GTA V experience, be that on PS3 or on Xbox 360. With it, you can do a bunch of tinkering to your in-game vehicles, buy yourself a bunch of custom license plates, and even take your dog for a walk. 

That's right, Chop, your in-game pooch is present in a kind of Tamagotchi style way. You can feed him, train him, take him for a walk, all in the name of improving his behavior while you're playing GTA V. 

So far, it seems to be working just fine on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, but there's a bunch of reports suggesting that not everyone is able to install this. If you're having some specific troubles, drop us a line in the comments and tell us what you're using. 


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Rockstar makes GTA V companion app, iFruit, available for Android


Hmm, not available on my Skyrocket. Maybe I can change the build.prop?

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BF4 all day!! However, do you remember how long it took DICE to release battle log/stat tracker for Android? They pulled the same shit with releasing their app for iCrap first and much sooner. Although there was a pretty decent 3rd party app in the play store that I used instead...go Android and I'll see you on the battlefield...that is if you're on xbox :-D

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It is an awful app. Most of the inner parts are just desktop page links and don't even acknowledge that you're signed in via social club. It's very poorly designed at a hefty 250mb. Do not download it.

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I've had it on my iPad since it came out. I told my fellow Android users they weren't missing much but they didn't believe me. Now that's it's out, what do I hear? "Guess we weren't missing much, I'm deleting it."

God people are infuriating.

I have a droid RAZR m with the newest update and play store says its not compatible with my device. Any suggestions??? Please help!

To little to late...Since this doesnt do much for multiplayer,,its useless now that ALOT of people, including myself have already beaten it and gotten the 100%. Personally I have already sold it back while its still worth some money.. Good Game Rockstar..thanks for releasing it to the iOS users first!!

D: Won't install, but I can wait to get home and play on the console. (4.2.2, stock Sense 4.5, rooted!)

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You know it's so ridiculous that an OS that is far more prolific than apple is always the one that gets neglected by developers it's useless for me now I've already beat the main story line as most people have plus it's not even compatible with my htc evo 4g lte

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Everyone has moved on. Too little too late. Or in the case of the download too big.
Sure I can sit here for a bit and download it, but meh GTA V is old news. Us players have abandoned online, they got it wrong.

It shows up on my SP but only when i search iFruit Grand Theft Auto. Even then it wont let me install even though my phone meets all the correct specs for the app.

I Have a Sony Xperia SP with a system Android version of 4.1.2. The app requires v4.0 and above so why can i not download it? Come on RockStar... fix your software

Thought I was finally getting the iFruit app but it is not compatible with one of Android's most popular phones of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Mega!! What is the point in releasing something for an OS if it isn't compatible with all devices using that OS!! It's ridiculous!!

I don't know what the problem is with this app but as far as I've been reading or reviewing it seems to me that the nexus tablet is the best device for this app..I have a Verizon HTC and a at&t blu studio phone and from both devices it said your device is not compatible for this app so what gives..I think I am going to get the nexus 7 and try it out with that device

I have sony Xperia L so it is 4.2.2 and app requirement is 4.0 so what is the problem? Its weird i cant download the app because its not support my device can someone help me whit a Answer?