Riptide GP2

New vehicles, female riders and a new game mode round out a very nice update

Vector Unit has sent the big update for Riptide GP2 that players have been waiting for, bringing a new multi-player game mode, a new high-end hydro-jet, female riders and some touch interface changes. They've been teasing the new features on their Google+ page, and the sizable fan base (including yours truly) has been looking forward to the changes.

The new Scorpion looks pretty awesome, the long-time-coming female character avatar looks like you would expect any female player in an action game to look (for better or worse) and the interface changes — including a new method for manual acceleration — are welcome. But the big news is the new VR Challenge game mode, where you can challenge your friends on 14 different tracks to see who gets the best time.

I've long been a fan of the Riptide GP series, and this update looks like a real winner so far. Grab it from the Google Play link above.


Reader comments

Riptide GP2 update splashes its way into Google Play


Riptide GP2 is easily the best android game out there, by a mile. Is brilliant and lasts ages.

But this update is disappointing, I bought and maxxed the newest rider in about 10 minutes. I was hoping the new update would provide more levels and more playability, but it hasn't. I don't have any friends who have this game so the new mode is useless.

Imho...this and the first game, are about as close as you can get to console quality gaming on a phone. They are really well made games. Looks brilliant on the HTC One.

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Is there a single player race mode? There was a single race mode in the original Riptide, but I feel like I am missing something here...