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We're definitely in the middle of developer season right now across the Mobile Nations. While Google I/O might not kick off for another week, Android's competitors in the mobile space have all now shown off their latest wares and developer tools. One which Android developers may have so far overlooked, is the improved Android Runtime coming to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1, of which the developer beta was recently released

Having learned all about the Android functionality back at Devcon Europe in Amsterdam, the potential extra revenue stream for Android developers was pretty impressive. After all, when is extra revenue not going to be impressive? But, that said, functionality in the current Android Runtime offering is quite limited. There is no access to the camera for example, and no ability to offer an in-app purchase model. Both of those are addressed in PlayBook OS 2.1, and RIM has taken to their developer blog to offer up the lowdown on how to make your in-app purchase models work with BlackBerry App World. 

Especially with BlackBerry 10 on the horizon, the door for Android developers over there appears to be opening ever further. RIM boasts great things about how much moolah their registered developers can make. There are some amazing Android developers out there who deserve every opportunity to be financially rewarded for their work. RIM just gave them another. 

If you're an Android Developer and this sounds like an opportunity for you, head on over to the source link below for the full rundown. There's a whole week to kill until I/O after all.

Source: Inside BlackBerry; More: Crackberry


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RIM outlines how Android developers can monetize on PlayBook OS 2.1 with in-app purchases


Can anybody explain to me how Android apps were able to be sideloaded onto the Playbook? Isn't it a different operating system?

The .APK files are converted to .BAR. The rest is easy.

Developers are also doing their own conversions and submitting them to BlackBerry App World. Users can then download (free or purchase) and when they run, they load in the Android player.

Runs well for the most part.

It runs ok for basic applications. Obviously more intensive android applications have problems, even ones for sale in the actual playbook market.

I actually just sold my playbook... it's just a shame how locking down a device can make it so much less useful. If I could use USB OTG on the unit, which it physically supports, and also supported in beta 2.0 releases, before they prevented rooting on the official releases. It also doesn't have alot of networking applications that I use routinely to scan for networks, run network scans, port scans, etc.

It could/can be a neat platform, but it's not there yet. Don't know if it'll ever get there either. And with the supposed "Nexus 7" device launching for a similar pricepoint with better hardware, and a superior OS, it's a difficult sell for me.

You can load Android programs to a playbook but the reason they are coming out with an "improved" runtime environment is that the current one doesn't work very well. It's difficult to close programs, impossible to update Android programs converted to .bar you then have to uninstall and reinstall the updated program. More involved programs like Skype and Netflix do not work at all. Hopefully BB10 will get developers to develop specifically for Blackberry and we can forget this work around. Better to just a a 7" GT2.