If you're a fan of the Rhapsody music service, take note that the Android application -- the same one we saw at CTIA last month -- is now out of beta. That means for $9.99 a month (there's a 14-day trial period) you get access to 9.5 million songs and can stream them on your Android phone, or your computer. Or both, we suppose. God get 'er now. [Market link via Rhapsody blog]


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Rhapsody app now out of beta; all the music you want for $9.99 a month


Title of you post is a little misleading. You can LISTEN to all the music you want for $9.99/month.

I get the same functionality out of pandora, I music(pull them down for free) and groovshark. Why pay 10 bucks a month when you can get it all for free!!!! RIP OFF ALERT!!!!!

you listed only one of the three programs I listed. So I still have two more programs that are FREE and let me listen to what I want when I want, again for free!

So let me get this right.. for $9.99 I get this app that I can LISTEN to music? Or can I download it to my phone than to my Mac? or is it just LISTEN to it like Slacker?

So does this allow me to pick the exact song I want without having to listen to a pre-programmed set of songs? Can I use it at the same time on 2 devices (wife and mine) or will I need 2 accounts?

You can both be logged in on the web.. at the same time. or one person on the software, another on the web. And yes, pick any of the 9.5 million songs you want to listen to.. not like Pandora or Slacker..

My wife and I may actually consider this as long as we only have to pay $10/mo. for both of us to listen at once. She has a Hero and I'll have the Evo. Does this offer the user the option to create a music library? I could then just add every song we have in our library to listen to songs rather then having to put them all on a SD card.

actually you are limited to three devices/PC so if you register both your phones then you can only register one PC. All music can be streamed(the PC version at least) or downloaded, but it is DRM'd and CANNOT be moved to another device. You can create a single library that spans across all the devices, there is no individual library. I used to have this service then woke up and decided to not pay for this anymore when I can just stream the songs from many places for free. Also a little note, there are a lot and I mean a lot of artists that still make you pay 99 cents per song through this service, so your 9.99 will not get you every group, you can only hear a 30sec clip.

Just checked out their site and for 3 devices is $15/month. The $10/mo is for 1 device only. There is Rhapsody Premier then Rhapsody Premier Plus.

You people dont seem to get what Rhapsody is.. and since its been around since 2001 that tells me they havent done a good job of explaining. You PICK the song/album etc you want to hear. Its not like Slacker or Pandora at all. And now for $9.99 you have access to 9.5 million songs. They have streaming radio also if you want, but thats not the point of Rhapsody. Go to an artist, pick an album, play your song.. thats the point...You can listen on your PC/MAC/Android. For PC there is a program, or you can do this through the WEB.. For MAC and Linux users.. etc.. And soon the Android App will have Offline listening (which you can do on PC and iPhone)... I have been a Rhapsody member for over 6 years and loved every minute of it.. glad they have jumped on the Android bandwagon...

I bought the $15/month plan from 2006-2007 that let me listen to all I wanted on 3 phones, 3 PCs and 3 home devices (TiVo, Sonos, etc). Hopefully this plan is not $10 per phone!

Unfortunately, Rhapsody was so buggy it would not work most of the time and I canceled.

just to clarify, technically it is NOT out of Beta. The download is clearly labeled as a beta on the Marketplace page. Still, it works well.

OMG! Only $10 a month to listen to the same type of music I can listen to for free elsewhere and then I don't even own the music I've picked either? Where do I sign up?!

Most people are delighted to have Pandora pick songs from the exacting musical parameters which they have set, then to skip any songs they don't like. That way, listeners don't have to monkey around with picking song after song after song. It's like their own personal radio station.

Were I an industry analyst, I'd predict a 87% probability that Rhapsody will amend their greedy pricing structure as soon as they realize that legions of listeners aren't jumping ship from Pandora, et al.

Do you think Rhapsody is new??? They just lowered their pricing structure to $9.99, it had been $15.99.. But now with Android and iPhone apps they are going for more mobile customers and not just their PC software users. Rhapsody has about 600k subscribers and been around since 2001.. That brings them in about 6 million a month.. Artists are paid every time their song is streamed. And I would say people would prefer to pick their own play list.. they settle for Pandora.. cause they are cheap :)

I would rather pick the song/album that I would like to hear, rather than similar songs that I need to skip through to a good song. I enjoy Pandora and Slacker(better than Pandora IMO) but for $10 I have signed up for Rhapsody. Back in the olden days you had to buy music, or steal it from the record store. Just not one for ripping music, call me old fashioned.

Faith No More? All I can eat for ten bucks legally? SIGN ME UP!!!!

Seriously, I'll take Pandora. I have all the Faith No More albums anyways. Jerks.

Maybe there's something Freudian in the fact that they have chosen "Everything's Ruined" as the title to display...

So you can you download songs from here onto your phone and listen even when there is no signal? I know you can't download and then burn, but with vcast on my Storm, I could download onto my phones memory card and listen offline.

Rhapsody is exactly what you wish to listen to, on demand: If I want to hear Radiohead using Rhapsody I pick an album and play that album. I don't have to listen to Pandora throwing a bunch of emo crap at me in between Radiohead songs.

I like my RH as much as the next guy or gal, but not enough to throw ten bucks a month out the window just for the privilege of 'renting' them for $120 a year.

I can BUY a lot of RH for that much coin (oh wait, I already did, then dropped them onto my Hero for whenever I want to hear them instead of renting from Chrapsody).

Then when I want to branch out, I can open Pandora's box.