Android Central Semi-Annual Survey

We’ve wrapped up our Android Central semi-annual survey, which managed to field about four thousand responses across a wide range of questions. With the information we’ve collected, we got a good feel for who you guys are and what you want. That data will shape the kind of content you’ll be seeing here on Android Central. Of course, we’re happy to take feedback year-round, so always feel free to voice your opinions in the comments. We’re here at your service after all, dear readers.

That said, we want to include you guys in the process and share the information we’ve picked up. Hopefully you’ll find it just as interesting as we did.

Age of Android Central readers

First off, the purely demographic info. A whooping 94% of you are males. On the whole, this is pretty sad. We’d love to see more women interested in mobile tech. If you’re one of our few lady readers, please sing out in the comments and let us know what kind of content you like seeing posted. Our biggest age bracket is 25 - 34 at 32%, followed by 35 - 44 at 25%. No big surprises there. On average, 3 people lived in each household, with three smartphones, two tablets, and three computers tucked inside. The vast majority of Android Central readers are at least at an intermediate technology skill level. Only 1% classified themselves as beginners, while 52% saw themselves as experts. We’d love to be able to provide content that appeals to more beginners, since this is a jargon-heavy world with a steep learning curve.

Android Central readers location

71% of our readers are from the U.S., followed by Europe at 14%. This was followed equally by Canada and Asia, and less than 2% for each of Central/South America, Africa, Middle East, and the Pacific. Obviously language barrier is going to play a big role here, but English adoption is fairly widespread. It would be great if we could provide more regionally-relevant news to the right people.

Next, we dipped into your reading habits. The most popular way to catch up on Android Central was through the smartphone app, which 47% of respondents checked daily, though the desktop browser was a very close second pick. The least popular ways to read Android Central are over RSS with 51% never using it, followed by the Android Central tablet app (45% never using it). Our community engagement on that front is similar, with 46% of users participating weekly or more through a desktop browser, and 45% through our apps.

Android Central readers social networks

A healthy 63% of readers participate in our forums or comments, but of course we would always like to see more of you. Don’t be shy! 70% of those participating are doing so to find help, and given how knowledgeable are members are, you’ve come to the right place for tech support. 63% participate for our contests, so we’ll make sure to keep those coming. Most of your participation happens in the forums, with 37% of respondents being active weekly or daily, followed up by 31% in the blog comments and 24% on Google+. 66% of you never get onto the live podcast chat, and 59% never hit us up on Twitter. That’s interesting seeing as Twitter is the third most popular social network among our users, after Facebook and Google+. Maybe we should be using @AndroidCentral as more than just a news feed. On that front, 60% of readers would like to see how-to tips on our social channels.

37% of respondents rated our moderation team as excellent, and 27% rated forum members with equally high regard. Meanwhile, 20% rated commenters as fair or lower, but at least the same number rated them as excellent. Of those that don’t participate in the community, 66% don’t do so simply because they haven’t felt the need, not necessarily because they didn’t know where to start, saw too much negativity or there were too many fanboys (though those three reasons together accounted for 38% of users not participating). 82% of respondents felt that being a member of the Android Central community is valuable, which is great to hear. Even among the rest, 17% either wasn’t sure or didn’t care. Obviously we want to make sure you guys are happy sticking around.

Android Central readers desires

Our best content according to you guys is our device news, with 72% of respondents calling it “excellent”, followed up by device reviews with 69%. In terms of broad qualities of our writing, we rated excellent for being informative for 70% of our readers, being easy to understand to 67%, and being accurate to 62% of respondents. Our lowest-quality content, that is, anything rated fair, below average, or poor, are our interviews (27% of respondents cumulatively across those three categories), investigative reporting (26%), and the wallpaper gallery (20%). We ranked fair or lower for critical analysis to 7% of readers, being entertaining to 6%, and being prompt to another 6%. We’re happy to tweak our focus as needed, provided it’s the kind of content and the style y’all are interested in.

That leads us to the kind of content that you would like to see more of. 55% of readers would like to see more app news and reviews, which is great to hear; I’d love to write more about apps. Google services content followed up with 48% demand, then buyers guides at 37%.

That's a quick run-down of about half of our survey results. If you’re really interested, you can dive into our data more over here. The bottom line is that we want to give you guys exactly the kind of content you’re looking for, and we’re not just saying that because we’re big ol’ softies. It’s our business to deliver the goods, whatever those goods happen to be. The whole team is always open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so keep the input coming.


Reader comments

Results of the Android Central Semi-Annual Survey


Lady reader here who is also a bit of a beginner-personally love the reviews of products which is what I think you do best. Found the site when looking for a new phone and deciding between iOS and Android. And obviously went for the Android.

Lady reader here too :) Been a reader since I got my first smartphone 2 years ago.

I'd like to see more coverage of smaller devices. Sure, they're not flagships with the best specs, but I'm always on the lookout for phones that will fit in my little women's pockets. I currently have a Moto X, and I wouldn't buy anything taller than its 129 mm height. More live wallpaper suggestions and Canadian coverage too, please :)

Yep, I'm another reader with two X chromosomes. I was actually a little surprised that the % of female readers was quite that low...sigh.

All I ask of android central (on the gender specific front) is to not forget that we exist (which you usually don't). That means those mysogenistic jokes aren't THAT funny to everyone (AC isn't in the habit of making such jokes period) and remember that the average size of a human hand needs to include data from the other half of the population.

Posted via Android Central App

Completely missed this survey nevermind. Some interesting results, not to mention some woefully clichéd ones... I guess some stereotypes really do exist for a reason. :/

Posted via Android Central App

Great survey.  Allows us to see where we can improve and focus better.

Moderator Team Leader @ Android Central.



AC has a moderator? No one wants a locked down site where everyone is banned for saying "poopy" but it'd be nice to see you around much more often. Trolls and aceholes are a dime a dozen round here.

Paul runs the forum side (and does a damned good job at it.0

If I ever come up for air, I might see about getting a comment moderator or two.

Forums moderation is fine but where you really need it is the blog comments. I love Passport and everything it does for us but it also makes it a lot easier for trolls with accounts on the other sites to cause problems on the other sites (I've also noticed it on Crackberry and I'm sure it's an issue on the other sites as well).

Posted via Android Central App

Yet another lady reader here. Phil, I used to mod on Pre Central; love the idea of a comments mod team and hereby volunteer.

Posted via my HTC One S using the Android Central App

I think participation in the articles will be greater now that there's a way to actually follow a conversation/discussion with reply notifications :) That was a very welcome addition.

Yup, mine too... Don't know if I turn it off, though, if it'll stay off for all subsequent posts. So far it's always set to notify me. :)

I've been looking everywhere for it and all I can do is for the forums. Please let us know how to do it.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Cool, always interesting to see these metrics. Appreciate you giving us the opportunity to give feedback (one of many reasons this site is awesome! :D).

On that note, if I may; please consider putting article titles (on the main blog site) back at the very top. Many times it's been confusing with a pic, especially a video, at the top. You scroll down to read the article content only to have to scroll back up to view a video. Not to mention it doesn't provide very definitive separation between articles when viewing the blog as a whole.

You're not the first to mention that.

Between us (don't tell anyone), we're concentrating on a pretty major redesign right now.

I find your site to be the best game in town when it comes to Android content. Fair and thorough reviews as well as thoughtful articles. Keep up the great work guys!

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I did the survey and never saw a single one of these questions. All I got were about the devices I use, ie: who makes your phone/tab. It was like 5 questions, and nothing had anything to do with android central in any way! I got robbed!!!

Lady reader here who is very knowledgeable with computers and smartphones. Have been a member of this site since 2012 but have been a smartphone owner since February 1, 2007. Started out with Windows Mobile, went over to Blackberry and finally stopped at Android. Would love to see more about Android programs and OS updates personally. More app reviews would be nice on ones that are geared more for women.

Absolutely. Need more app reviews, period. A lot of what we're doing with this "newsroom" stuff should help free up more time for that.

Geek girl here (I refuse to say lady reader - it sounds awkward and old)!

I love pouring over service comparisons (music services, cloud storage, etc), industry and device in-depth articles (especially on my beloved Motomaker Moto X), and roundtables, which I wish you had more of. I love the podcast and wish ya'll would use G+ more for spontaneous Q&As since ya'll don't have time for that many during the weekly podcast. Also, getting some Q&As done before the podcast would free up the Q&As you answer there for more in-depth questions.

And any article I can link others to as a reference read or discussion starter is awesome.

Even just doing an open mic post like T-Mobile often does on G+ would be useful (and probably way easier, as that's just text).

From the article:
"It would be great if we could provide more regionally-relevant news to the right people."

Oh, but I seem to have noticed a larger portion of internationally (in the other-than-US sense) oriented articles as of late. Am I right? If yes, that is GREAT!

If you plan on doing that even more, it would be nothing short of amazing! Perhaps with some sort of check-boxes where you could tick off the regions from which you would be interested in news.

Posted via Android Central App

Very interesting statistics. It is somewhat surprising that this day and age that female readers are still a tiny demographic on the AC. In any case, good to see the results!

Another female teach geek. I have had 29 phones in six years. I love the variety of content and delivery. Whether a beginner or expert you find what you need.
My suggestion for improvement is actually for the store: you label products that are compatible as if they were produced for the exact device selected. It can be misleading to people if they didn't know better.

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I eagerly await the redesign. I love the content but the site itself does have a few loose screws and slow leaks that I'd personally like to see cleaned up. I'm glad the focus on content is becoming more, well, focused through. *that* is what brings people here more than anything.

I am Female..... and I don't mind stating I am also in the 50 yr. old age bracket!!! I am an avid viewer/user of Android Central from my desktop and Galaxy Note 2, and I love to keep up on Technology and Use it! I am very surprised that 94% of your survey takers were male. Thanks for all you do on this site!

Ahh, thought I was the only one! I am also in the same age range, and a somewhat active participant here. I love my Androids, and just got a new One M8 two weeks ago. :)

Some how I missed this survey. Funny because I read this daily through Flipboard, G+,Facebook and your website. I don't comment often, but trust me I am here. :-)

Another female reader here and in the 55-64 age group (just call me a geek wannabe old woman) and a smartphone user since 2007 (PalmOS, webOS and now Android). I like the changes that I am already seeing to report news earlier without waiting for editorial analysis. And I like the new focus on basic how-to posts. I agree with a lot of the comments and the survey results indicating a greater need for app reviews. I would like to see a broader range of apps reviewed -- not just the latest game or social media apps, but also the niche apps such as hobby apps.

Geek girl here and in the 14-17 age group. I first fell in to the android world when I received a nexus 7(2012) as a gift. I would love to see more Chrome OS news.

I refresh Android Central at least 3-4 times a day, I'm following Phil, Andrew, Jerry and Alex on Google + and I still never heard of that survey.

How accurate can that be...

As another geeky woman (a bit too old to be called a geek "girl"), I'd just like to point out that your statistics should be taken with a grain of salt. What you have is a self-selected sample -- not a random sample -- from your entire readership, and it's possible that (for example) women are less likely than men to fill out an online survey on a tech site, even if they are quietly lurking. While I don't doubt that more men than women follow Android Central, it may not be quite as lopsided as the survey results suggest.

Female reader here. I came to Android Central when I was making the move away from BlackBerry. Decided on getting myself a Samsung Galaxy S3 after reading reviews and comments in the forums. Used the forums to get help as well. I don't say much but I do frequent the site, well I now more so use the app. I open the app for my late night reading. I find AC useful and entertaining. Some of the comments and fights that go on in the comments give me a real laugh. Oh I really like when AC announces major updates for popular applications. Often I find out here first then I go to Play to update the app.

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I am glad more women are interested in technology and I am appreciative more women are responding

Posted via Android Central App

Another female reader here and also over 50. Love my Samsung S4, make it a point every yr to upgrade my phone, and tablet this yr as well (Love my tax refund). I find lots of interesting things on here to read, keep it up!

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If you can't tell from my username, I'm female. I must have missed this survey although I haven't been by in a bit. Only recently started lurk- I mean forum surfing and article reading again as I was FINALLY able to upgrade my s2 to an lg g2. I've only been a member for a little over 2 yrs but I find the site to be a great source of information and troubleshooting help. I even name drop you guys often to friends and family. So I'd say you're doing great as it is.

Posted via Android Central App

Female Android species here! I'm a novice but I'm on almost daily for app reviews, Android news and how to's. Member for 3-4 yrs. :)

Posted via Android Central App

74 year old lady here. Taught computer programming starting in the 1960s. Using a Nexus 5.

Posted via Android Central App

Lady reader here! First off, you guys are amazing! This site is a great source of info. I'm at more of an intermediate-expert level in the world of tech. The only request I think I have is that I'd like to see more how to guides for hardware repair (cell phones in particular), otherwise, I think you all cover just about everything fairly. Again, thank you!

If my avatar doesn't give it away, I'm female on the south side of 50 and retired. Been in love with tech since the 70's. I browse the articles every morning and visit the forums countless times a day.

I'm one of the few females to dive into the political forums, it can get rough in there but the mods have really stepped up their presence over there and it has helped tremendously to reign in some of the more boisterous posters. So kudos for that.

I agree with a lot of the posters above about app reviews. I have a ton of apps but always looking for the ONE that will do it all, lol. You can never have enough apps as long as you've got the storage, why not? It would save a lot of bandwidth and needless downloads if apps were reviewed honestly and not just to promote the app.

Good job guys and girls. I somehow missed this survey, I hope to catch the next one.

What?! ...I'm msndrstood.

*Raises hand* Yet another female regular around here and all around computer and tech geek/enthusiast. AC is one of my daily stops on the interwebs and nearly my ONLY stop for android-related news & info! You guys do such a fantastic job overall. I completely missed this year's survey, though (how?!)

Not to beat a dead horse since app reviews are one of the things folks have already mentioned, but ....

As much as I love games (which frequently get reviewed almost everywhere), I would love to see more useful app reviews or even just info -- not necessarily of the kind that are geared towards women, but apps that add really unique functionality to my device. I almost always end up searching via creative phrases to find out if an app exists to do something specific that I think would be handy. Some kind of periodic list of new/unique apps and what they do would be awesome. After all, there are often hundreds if not more apps that do nearly the same things, but sometimes you find that just one of those is *the* right one for you. I usually end up discovering these by accident, but it might happen more quickly if I knew that even half of the apps existed in the first place! ;) The app roundups you guys do are always interesting and often lead me to try some of the apps listed, but sometimes I wish there were fewer games on those lists and more apps I haven't already heard of before.

Girl power FTW. The content on this site is great, so I have no suggestions. The informative articles and reviews on new products are my favorite, though.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

Hi android central writers. I missed the survey and wrote a big long-winded review, but then deleted it.


What you guys do, you do great. I just wish it was (much) more software/app/services focused and less hardware focused.
(and your readers must have no sense of humor, you all are very much better than poor at "being entertaining")

keep up the good work. expand your good work into more software related stuff though.

Hey, I'm yet another female (almost) daily reader of your site and forums who missed the survey. I would say that I'm on the beginner side of intermediate as far as tech goes, but I love it! Thanks for a great place to come to satisfy my need for geek and I too vote for more reviews of apps, especially utility apps, personalization apps, and just plain useful apps; I really don't care much about all the shooter type game apps, but I do like reviews of more puzzle type games.

Another middle aged lady geek. App reviews are great especially the non-war/shooter ones. Practical stuff to make every day life easier. How about recruiting some women of different ages and lifestyles to do some writing on things that interest them. Apps for the busy parent. Apps for the city worker. Apps for the tech savy grandparent. Apps for your kids. (I originally put these as busy mom, grandma, etc but really they are generic). I've tried looking for Android blogs that cater more to women but haven't found many.