So you bought a Nexus 7, partially because it's a Nexus device and you wanted to hack the living crap out of it. Cool -- me too. Whether you're just beginning, or an old pro you will need factory images to fix the things you've broken. But having them isn't enough, you'll need to know how to use them. It's one of those things that isn't hard, but when you're not used to doing this type of thing it's always nice to have a friend to guide you. AC Forums Adviser 2defmouze is that friend, and he's prepared everything you'll need to know about fixing your Nexus 7 once you've made it unbootable. And that is priceless. Hit the Nexus 7 forum link below and bookmark it right now, and be sure to give 2defmouze some love while you're at it.

The best part about having folks like 2defmouze and the rest of the great crew in the forums working on guides and how-tos is the level of support you'll get if you come across something you can't figure out on your own. We're picky here at AC, and we don't hand out Adviser badges to just anyone. You can trust these guys with your precious toys. That's why I'm always steering you guys there -- they are Android nerds to the core, and know their stuff. 

[GUIDE] Factory Image Restore for your Nexus 7


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Restoring your Nexus 7 using Google Factory images -- a guide [from the forums]


These articles pandering to children are idiotic. If you are smart enough to read how to hack, fucking read on how to restore. If not, oh well. I mean what in the hell are you doing on this site if you don't know how to do these things already. AC needs to quit being a kiddie Android blog and grow the hell up. These kind of articles are ridiculous.

Was there really nothing else to write about that this is what you are publishing?

I disagree. If you go over to XDA you will find several pages of posts in each of the forums made by people who got in over their heads. The devs over at XDA are great at hacking and cooking ROM's but they are terrible at writing documentation and how to guides. Jerry and the rest of the Android Central crew do a great job of documenting these procedures so that the rest of us can take part in the fun as well.

I'm truly sorry I could not provide something more suited to your professional stature, but then again, nobody forces you to read or subscribe to our forums. We are proud to provide resources that both veterans can appreciate, and new android users can learn from, in a friendly, easy-to-understand, and supportive atmosphere. Thanks for your input tho! :)

I completely disagree. Those articles are far from being ridiculous. This would mean that this site would be visited and used only by tech-oriented people or experienced users ? Is that what androidcentral want ? I dont think so.

I am not a tech-oriented user. But that doesn't mean I dont want to learn and use the full potential of my Android devices. Those kind of threads are very informative and formative. Please dont stop, Androidcentral! I am learning fast and liking it more and more!

Dont forget: newbies like me are the future of sites like androidcentral. If you don't treasure them, they'll go away, and the future of the site will be compromised.

Thanks for that thread, Androidcentral !

2defmouze & ragnarokx are pretty much the reason I am posting this comment from my Nexus 7 right now.

Without their quick help and advice I would have had a much longer night trying to fix my N7. I attempted a few too many things at once and got stuck in an endless boot loop.

Oh and to the first commenter, the Internet is srs bzns.

My first post - bought a N7.... loaded lots of apps - wondered if there was something which could add a little more structure...joined AC and here I am with a footed device which now happily reads USB storage... so hurrah for that and thank you to everyone involved.....

The great thing I,m finding about android and this whole area is that as well as the fun side....there is great productivity to be I suspect that this is going to cause some awful problems for Mr bambleweenie at the top here as lots of us hybrid business techie types are going to Get involved... the sort of people that have an open mind and find the above stuff quite interesting and useful... to be could always browse something else more n keeping with your highbrow standards.... I have never written anything this length before on a forum but your post got right Up my hooter so I just wanted to point out what an annoying little twat you are....try getting a life and say no to xhamster,
All the breast . Andy

This, is my first time posting on Android Central, because I definitely wish to thank Mr. Jerry Hildenbrand, 2defmouze, the entire Android Central Team, the forums, and plenty of other readers and websites that add helpful, positive, and informative posts for people to read, and benefit from. Thanks for sharing and devoting YOUR time to show, explain, and help all of us that visit your website, seeking such information. Believe me, I can't praise you all enough for what you do here! I always look forward, everyday to view and read Android Central at anytime: morning, noon, and night. And I LOVE the podcasts!!! Thanks, Guys!!! (Feel the love!)

Thanks for this article, Jerry! Wasn't that long ago that 2def and other members of Team AC patiently walked me past my paranoia of "I don't wanna brick my phone". Whether they be mods, advisors or just plain ole members of the AC forums, no one put me down due to my lack of knowledge in the unlocking/rooting/ROMming scene, so I now haz root!

BIG two thumbs up to ya, 2def!

pretty sure his username tells you all you need to know about what type of man he is....

On the plus side this article completely saved me after I was messing around and hosed it up bad, followed these instructions now I am unlocked, re-rooted, and happily attempting to mess things up again thx 2defmouze