We didn't like it when Google sent CyanogenMod, maker of the best Android ROMs available, a cease and desist letter. We didn't like Google's explanation on why CyanogenMod couldn't distribute the close-sourced applications of Android (Market, Gmail, etc) in the custom ROMs. We understood Google's issue with distributing close sourced applications but we questioned Google's real motives and felt that Google could have handled the situation infinitely times better.

What we do like is what CyanogenMod is going to do about this most unfortunate situation. In his words:

I will no longer be distributing these applications as part of CyanogenMod. But it’s OK. None of the go-fast stuff that I do involves any of this stuff anyway. We need these applications though, because we all rely so heavily on their functionality. I’d love for Google to hand over the keys to the kingdom and let us all have it for free, but that’s not going to happen. And who can blame them?

...Since I don’t work with any of these closed source applications directly, what I intend to do is simply ship the next version of CyanogenMod as a “bare bones” ROM. You’ll be able to make calls, MMS, take photos, etc. In order to get our beloved Google sync and applications back, you’ll need to make a backup first. I’m working on an application that will do this for you.

Kudos to CyanogenMod for cooperating with Google and still finding a way to deliver some of the best custom ROMs to Android users. Maybe the regular Android user won't notice the difference but the full Android experience isn't complete without the hard work of guys like CyanogenMod and for that, we at Android Central are indebted. We're glad to have you on our side.

What do you guys think?

thanks iDavey for the tip!


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A Resolution Has Been Reached By CyanogenMod and Google


JF and CyanogenMod have done amazing work on providing the community with such beautiful custom roms. They make it so much fun to use this platform.

The attitude of CyanogenMod, towards this indelicate and brute move by Google, has been very refined and intelligent. An expression of patience and self respect that touches and inspires.

Happy to be a user/leecher of such brilliant efforts.

Thank you

(forsure, I am forgetting others of whom I am using the work on my Rooted G1, thanks as well forgive my laziness and ignorance)

Google's move was a means to an end. Both CyanogenMod and Google are doing the right thing for each other in the long run. CyanogenMod should be very happy for the free press.

I love Cyanogen, I have been using his ROM since the first version and I have turned on a couple g1 users onto his roms too.

I am happy he wont be going away and I will probably be donating to him soon to show my appreciation(also something I have wanted to do for a while but haven't had the money).

Thank you Cyanogen!

P.S. All this press is good for him I hope, I know I have 3 people asking me how to root their phone now :)

I'm thinking the whole open source was just a marketing ploy,why else issue a cease and desist? This phone (The MyTouch3G) could bring at&t and the iphone to their knees if google had any business savy.

I think it's sort of a ploy. Android is google's baby and no one has pointed out that all of the apps they are complaining about are free on blackberry. Why can I not download and install gmail, google sync, and well...any google app for free for android, when I can get them all for free on blackberry and windows mobile. Isn't that their competition? Looks like android is just a ploy to them to get paid for their mobile pone apps, when they can't on other OS's.