Replacement Google

We won't spoil the surprise. Hit the source link below and get searchin'. 

Source: Replacement Google; via @CharlesApple

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uncool21 says:


kpeste99 says:

PHP error when you click feeling lucky or press enter

Danrarbc says:

Possibly part of the joke? :p

SkinsFan1987 says: funny!

Cory S says:

It doesn't even work.

tlane01 says:

getting a server error when i try.

Danrarbc says:

Great we killed it.

Lets hope the same happens for the NFL.

You crashed it. Now it works as well as replacement refs.

Seven2k says:

You guys a re dicks!! AHAHAHA but that was funny!!

garmiblis says:

Poor hosting. If you go to that guy's page he has a demo site which has some ridiculous issues here and there.

icebike says:

Maybe poor hosting, maybe just slashdotted, and maybe google took him down.


That is so awesome hahaha

onixblack says:

I can't even load the page, maybe that's part of the joke

adinofaries says:

I'm with every one else... I don't get it...

tinpaul says:

That's too funny, replacement refs cant ref, replacement Google cant Google.

mwara244 says:

^ this is the joke, what he said, its a joke ppl

randall2580 says:

If you can't get it, you don't get it :-)

PJMAN2952 says:

Why are the NFL refs on strike? And are the replacement ref really that bad? Sorry that I am asking this. I don't watch football as a hobby.

commonplace says:

The NFL refs are not on strike; the NFL has locked them out. It's over compensation, but not their pay so much as their pension plan.

Are the replacement refs really that bad? Yes, yes they are. They are in way, way, way over their heads. It's not the national crisis some have made it out to be, but for NFL fans, it's pretty disastrous.

ongre10 says:

I don't watch the NFL either. But to referee a football game in any situation takes a lot of skill. Where I live, Judges, Lawyers and College Professors ref the high school games. And have for years.
The point of this replacement google is what it is, it doesn't google well. Type something in, anything but the right thing can come out.
Very funny.

tdizzel says:

Isn't this the new search in iOS 6?

badkitties says:

if Google dies, can't we just go to Bing and/or Yahoo?

come to think of it, if Google dies, then I'm heading
downstairs to the nuclear fallout shelter!

Sered says:

If google dies, it's already too late!

Dre89 says:

Searched "Android"

Got "Turtles"

But their green too so it must be close enough

I got the Page at first with question marks instead of logos and the results page was blank. Now it won't load at all.

Not surprised the NFL yanked their logo (if that's actually what happened) they're kind of protective of that thing. Although I do think it'd qualify under fair-use parody laws. Still, you'd have to win that argument in court.

techfellow says:

Dude should have gotten a square space site! ") never goes down


Must be powered by Apple's iLost.

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond

SamTime says:

Go Seahawks!

klokateer123 says:

at first i didn't get the joke behind this, but then like some 5 minutes i got it.

15israellai says:

I don't get it...

garfnodie says:

I don't get it either.

Chocoburger says:

Searched 'Scott Pilgrim' got 'Cat videos'
Searched 'penis' got 'pineapples'

Close enough! I like this new replacement google! :D

coolcenter says:

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Wicell says:

Hey Phil, mind getting rid of the piracy promoter?