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This morning we pushed live to everybody — none of that trollout business — Version 1.4.6 of the Android Central App

Here's what's new:

  • Removed the (potentially) NSFW wallpaper sections from the app at the behest of many of our readers, as well as a few other app stores we submit to.
  • Fix for wallpaper sizing when set as desktop background.
  • Fix for some images being stretched in article view.
  • Back by popular request: You can now see how many hours or days ago a story was published.
  • Better handling for deeply nested article comments (no squeezed unreadable comments).
  • We now display inline images in article comments.
  • Fixed issue with article comments sometimes being unselectable, keeping folks from replaying.
  • Various updates for recent sever-side updates.
  • Fixed quote handling in forums (from new version of Tapatalk).

And that's that. Think of this as a bugfix release — we've absolutely got more features on the way, and sooner rather than later. Figure a few weeks or so.


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Android Central in Google's Play newstand looks uber better than the native app. How can this be?!?! Glad to see the time stamp back tho.... Remember, Google is your friend.

Posted via Android Central App

No more NSFW images =no update for me. I reserve the right to be a perv

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

I've never even looked at the wallpapers but I have to agree with you. If you don't want the NSFW wallpapers don't click it.

Posted via Android Central App

Please add notification for replies to comment.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

How about the ridiculous amount of force closes I have per day...if your going to develop an app make sure you work out all the bugs first...

What device are you using, I personally not had a single fc in a while certainly not in 2014

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

I'm not going to lie, I have experienced quite a few force closes on my Note 3. But, it's not enough to stop using the app.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Why do you think you're getting so many force closes. I don't recall having any. Do you think it may be the Touchwiz UI on your Note 3 or perhaps a corrupted SD card? Something else?

Thanks Phil, Jerry and the rest of the AC crew for continuing to improve an already great app! Keep up the great work!

Should have the NSFW choice, unless there were copyright violations with them.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm a user of all the platforms, and I find Mobile Nations' android apps to be the highest quality. They are very well done.

Posted via Android Central App

Haha if Android Central was your place for NSFW pics... You should explore the Internet a little more. There is some great stuff out there. (no offense AC)

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If you don't like NSFW, don't click on it. Democracy is all about freedom of choice. I've never been in that section of the wallpapers because I don't want to but I'm not going to stop someone else from being able to access it. -1 Android central.

Posted via Android Central App

Are you saying that you can't fond any relevant place on the internet for your NSFW content?

I didn't even know there was NSFW content in the app.

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I'm no prude, but why should there be half naked pictures of women on a technology site? If you're going to have that then why not homoerotic wallpapers of men? I'd like to think the standard should be higher than that of a Rupert Murdoch tabloid.

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I'm guessing because some people like those types of pics for wallpaper and they have an Android phone and they know Android central has wallpapers.

Posted via Android Central best phone available: moto x

Hope you won't forget to update the BlackBerry version of Android Central :)

Posted via BlackBerry Android Central App

A nice feature would be synchronization of read articles across devices (and platforms). It can't be hard!

Posted via Android Central App

Didn't know this app changed to a game. Shouldn't it say "replying" instead of "replaying?" ;-)

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I have Samsung ATIV S with WP8. Is it safe to buy LG G2? Is it a good phone that doesnt lag and doesnt have bugs? I had LG Optimus 2X and it was disaster. :( Please help me. Is it smart to move from WP to Android?