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Save two dollars a month by signing up before Monday

Attention music fans! Google Play Music All Access will move from $7.99 per month to $9.99 per month starting July 1. If you want to save $2 a month on the life of the service you'll need to act before Monday rolls around. Signing up is easy -- just point your browser here (or click on the link with your phone) and follow the instructions for a free 30 day trial to see if the service works for you. Next month, your Google Wallet account will be billed for $7.99 for the next 30 days. Things continue until you cancel the service through the Google Play store or the Google Play Music app.

We've had a good long look at the service, which you will want to read if you're not familiar with how it works. In a nutshell, your 8 bucks gives you unlimited access to every song in Google Play, and you can stream them, pin them to your Android device, or play them through the web player as often as you like. When you find something you like, you can add it to your music library if you like for easy access the next time you want to hear it. In addition, you have access personalized radio stations with unlimited skips, and can see smart recommendations based on your listening history.

$2 every month adds up over time, so be sure to act if you think you'll be interested. Use the 30 day trial wisely, and if the service works out for you you'll be saving a nice chunk of change in the long run.

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Reminder: June 30 is the last day to get Google Play Music All Access for $7.99 a month


I'm keeping the service but I hope they get the app up to par quickly. Right now, it's a, um, how to put this...a buggy clusterfuck.

In what way? After fixing the streaming quality and download issues in recent updates I can't say there are any major issues left.

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It needs a better layout, sometimes the music doesn't play unless you close the app completely, the swiping to switch tracks needs to be more responsive, when you play a song and turn shuffle on, it only shuffles the songs that come after the song that's playing. That's off the top of my head. Not major things or dealbreakers but quite annoying.

Yeah, every time I pull out my phone and unpause music that was playing earlier, it plays for like 20 seconds and then skips the track. Every time! Really annoying!

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This service is a great idea, but as is too often the case with Android apps, execution needs some work. I signed up yesterday and started a wonderful trip down memory lane checking out some songs from my childhood and college days. All Access crashed so my times, I lost count. Sometimes after selecting a song to listen to, there would be this interminable lag, then that message, "Google Music is not responding. Would you like to close it?" I got real tired of seeing that message, real fast. I was using my Transformer Infinity, running Android 4.2. Maybe that contributed to the hangups, I don't know.

Anyway, I love the idea of this service. Most likely, I will not renew my Pandora subscription. The breath and depth of music available is terrific and I love knowing that I can access what I want, when I want. With better execution, this could be a real game changer, but I would like to see a lot more of Project Butter. It's early, so hopefully, that will happen. But I can't pretend that All Access works as smooth as silk, because it doesn't - at least not yet.

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I've been using it and I love it. My mom really wants to use it but Google still hasn't released the iOS app. So I'm waiting until tomorrow to sign her up for the free trial to give her as long as possible for the iOS app to come out.

They've indicated that its coming. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Important to be on the major platforms.

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I know. And I'm still waiting for it. I'm wondering if it comes out after the $8/month promotion ends.

Yeah, if you only want to listen to random music. All Access, unlike iTunes Radio, will let you stream/pin any songs or albums you want whenever you want.

Apples iTunes radio is just that, radio. There are only 2 tiers: free radio with ads and paid radio with no ads. You can't form your own playlists or mix and match like All Access. Its just radio that then pushes you to iTunes to buy tracks.

Yes it'll be cheaper than All Access but its much more directly a Pandora competitor than All Access, Rdio or Spotify.

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Why don't u sign up tomorrow(the last day to get the discount) and you get 30 day free trial... If iOS doesn't release an app for it before 30 days is up then cancel it.. But if they do then you get the cheaper monthly subscription.


We have one account over all devices in our family. So, my wife and I both have all-access. We just pay $7.99 total.

I love it.

We have one account over all devices in our family. So, my wife and I both have all-access. We just pay $7.99 total.

I love it.

so if i signup now and cancel it after few months and then sign up again later will it be 7.99 or 9.99?

No doubt....time to make a move globally with Google Play Music purchases. It's dumb that I have too buy off of iTunes and have Google music upload and then stream it back too me

What I find annoying is that adding one album to my library used 30MB of storage--and that's without saving music to my phone! Clearing the data for the app freed up 300MB of space which was comprised solely of music added to the library--I had already unpinned everything. This app should be helpful in that I do not need to store everything on my phone but unfortunately that is not the case. My Nexus 4 storage is filling up quick enough as it is without this app adding to it.

I did prevent music from automatically caching (which also uses a lot of space because it actually saves the music.)

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I think the service is already overpriced. Apple's offering will be coming out soon and as far as I remember will cost 69 per year. Considering Netflix costs $8 / month which has voice and video I think Google Music is overpriced.

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It's not for you, then. It works wonders, for many of us, though.

Concerning Apple's offering: There's no telling, if it will only be released for iOS. Until that's cleared up, talking about it helps no one here.

Apples iTunes Radio is just radio, not a full music service. It is a Pandora replacement. All Access is meant to challenge Spotify, Rdio, Mog, Rhapsody, etc.. The pricing for these services is pretty clearly set around $10/month with plenty of users out there.

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+1 I dont know what the other poster is talking about. iradio is just a radio, you dont have the option to pick and choose songs.

I'm in agreement. I don't spend 100 bucks a year on music, and I suspect there will be future sales If I change my mind.

On the other hand, the price may have to go up if it is wildly successful and the music industry can make the claim that 100 bucks a year isn't enough to cover the amount of music that average user listens to and/or keeps.

Same price as Spotify but not available in UK. Getting really annoyed with the Spotify app being rubbish and love the Google Music app and desperately want all access

Nothing for the UK still? I wonder if we'll see our own "£7.99 Deal" when the planets align and it leaves the US.

Can't believe I was actually about to overlook this service. Probably because I didn't read up on it enough. I signed up quickly today and promptly added about 100 songs to My Library, then pinned a few to my phone.

All this free music and free 30 days is too good to pass up right now. The radio thing is not really my cup of tea. Just give me a ton of free music and I'm a happy camper.

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So if I sign up and let it roll over the 30 days then cancel it will I get the $7.99 per month if I reactivate it later on? Certain parts of the year I wouldn't really use the streaming music. So I was wondering.

I just love having the ability to be sitting at work, think of an artist, do a quick search for them and then choose to either listen to some of their albums or start a radio session comprised of them or similar artists.

Well worth the money, and I do not have to install any software other than the Google Music upload client.

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Hoping the end of the special price in the US means release in others like Australia. A boy can dream...

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$7.99 is roughly £5, chances are we will get ripped off as usual though :/

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I accidentally canceled the service and have no way to cancel the cancelation... I asked Google support they are looking into it. Hopefully I don't lose out on the promo price... It's worth 7.99 but not 9.99 IMO

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Dennis, did you get your intro price back? How did you contact them? I did the same damn thing. They have a ONE-CLICK cancellation in the Play Store? What the heck?

I went back and tried to undo the cancellation and no luck. Incredibly frustrating and annoying. Now my $7.99 price is not available. NOT worth $9.99 per month so I hope they fix it.