Google Maps Valentines Day

Sure roses are nice and all, but what if you want to give your Valentine something a bit more unique? Well, the Google Maps team has your back as they have released a new service allowing you to send a digital postcard featuring a significant location from your past. Enter in "To" and "From" email addresses, choose your location, add in your personal message of love and you are good to go. Bonus points if you can get your significant location in sight with Street View. [MapYourValentine]


Reader comments

Remind your Valentine of a significant place with Google Maps


Not many people can say they have been to the Panama Canal (I have), however still a strange choice to use for the image above... hmmm.

Yeah this definitely worked for me. My girl and I walk around and have been doing little adventures for a while so it was easy to pick out a spot with "street view" that could call back a memory.