Kindle Fire HDX

App only compatible with Kindle Fire tablets

Coming up on exactly one year after its release on Google Play, Verizon's Redbox Instant streaming app is now available for the Kindle Fire. If you're not quite familiar with Redbox Instant, it falls in line with many other video on-demand offerings, with thousands of movies available for instant streaming and download on your device. Further, the app doubles as a way to reserve movies at Redbox kiosks, which can fill in the gaps left by streaming.

This initial release supports just Kindle Fire devices, including all models except for the very first Fire. Second-generation Kindle Fire, Fire HD and current HDX models are all compatible. You can snag the app for free from the Amazon Appstore at the link below.


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Redbox Instant arrives on the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fires


I second that. Been an Amazon Prime user for many years. Dying for that app.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

I'd settle for tablets... and Android Sticks. Stupid that I have an Android stick and a Google TV on my sets and can't get Prime on either. (My Revue still won't install it or see it)