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Two thinks I hate to have happen when I'm at the convenience store -- One is they run out of Funyuns. The other is I get to the Redbox movie rental kiosk and find the manly action movie I wanted to watch sensitive chick flick the wife demanded has already been rented.

No more.

Redbox has released its official app that will let you find the nearest kiosk (maps are included, natch) and reserve a movie so it'll be there when you are. You can search by genere as well and get basic info about the movie. Pretty slick, actually. Market link's after the break.

Now if only it could do something about that Funyun supply. Thanks, Jese!


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Redbox app lets you reserve a movie before you hit the kiosk


Can't wait to rent the the movie I want while standing in line. To hear the guy in front of me looking for the same movie freak out when it disappears.

+1 for Netflix! I'd say I'm getting impatient, but patience for official software is a must with my Captivate...

Yeah but most apps will go to IOS first bcuz its a universal system. It has to work on many devices for android version.

They should have bought red reserve instead. I prefer his app. As for for redbox I've been using the leaked beta for along time

I've been using red reserve for a couple of months... and it's excellent. However, it does crash occasionally, hanging my phone, and sometimes requiring a battery pull. Other than that annoying hiccup, it's awesome. Unless this official app is more stable, I'll just stick with red reserve. On a side note, I'd love it if AC did more highlights on such practical, efficient, and widely applicable apps like this more often. Suggestion... :-)

I wonder why there's a place to enter your ZIP code but it won't let you actually enter it. I don't want to have to turn on my GPS and get a fix just to see which Redbox in town has the movie I want. I'm often in a store where I can't get a GPS fix when I discover that there's a DVD that just got released that I want to rent. I'd like to be able to check the Redbox app before I get out in the parking lot.

Sorry but I like RedReserve better. It just has a few more bells and whistles like a YouTube preview link

About flippin' time! When I emailed Redbox about this last year they informed me they had no plans to pursue developing an Android app. See how long THAT plan lasted.