If that 4.3-inch screen on your Droid X (our review) isn't big enough to show off them cute pictures you took at Disney World to your grandma's weak eyes -- there was always another alternative. By using the micro HDMI (you can buy one here at Android Central Store) port on Droid X, owners have always had the ability to take their pictures and video to the big screen. Though, wouldn't it be great if you could display all of your apps, games, soundboards, etc on your TV too? 

GmanApps, developer of the new Real HDMI app on Market, will now allow you to do just that. We're probably most excited to be able to play our favorite emulators on the big screen. Now, where is that Wii-remote? If you already have or gonna give this app a try, shout out in the comments section. Download links after the break.


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Real HDMI app lets you take everything on your Droid X to the big screen


Sorry but htc makes the best androids...g1,hero, incredible, legend, blaze, plus the king of androids the nexus one and the first 4g the evo....I have the evo rooted with cm6 stable, custom kernel, I got it oc to 1.228ghz and it's a beast with great battery life becuz I under clock it...now motorola IMO makes okay phones, the r2d2 phone is cute...but they are much bettA than the galaxy s phones...

Its ok. When using it, your Droid X's screen is locked so its real tough to navigate since your blindly moving your finger around on a static screen. Also, I've tried the GBA emulator and the performance seems to suffer for some reason. Works on my 42" LG but not on my 52" Sharp -- although this is probably a hardware/driver incompatibility. Cool enough as a proof of concept though.

I looked into this a few weeks back... its not worth it. Videos and pictures already play over HDMI and like pointed out above, its hard to navigate without seeing what u r clicking on u'r phone..

The EVO should already have this feature all you have to do is plug it in, same with the incredible which uses a different cable but same concept. The droid x only does pictures and videos. That is why they made this app. Can we get a full review android central so I can decide if I want to buy it.

dont plan on watching videos off of blockbuster with this.. the blockbuster video will stop and say that the video format is not supported

i hope blockbuster goes bankrupt.. friggin party poopers