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The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign has now ended, and the group's massive stretch goal of $5 million in order to launch, among other things, the development of an Android app for the famous children's reading service was met and exceeded.

Indeed, the final amount that was raised via Kickstarter was $5,408,916, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has already pledged to match $1 million of that amount, so the final, final total will be well over $6 million.

In addition to the Android app, the Reading Rainbow interactive experience is now on track to be made available on other mobile devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, along with game console and set top boxes like Apple TV and Roku. Also, the money will go towards bringing a free Reading Rainbow curriculum to 7,500 classrooms. All in all, this fund raising effort has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations.

If you missed out on contributing to the Kickstarter effort, but still want to pledge some money for expanding Reading Rainbow to even more classrooms, you can do so on another official page for the campaign. While there are not any super cool rewards such as Pebble smartwatches or dinner with Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton, there's still the satisfaction that you will be helping lots of kids to become better readers.

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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter ends with Android app goal reached


Good news for the next generation!

Say what you want about Seth and his "potty humor" it was nice that he put 1M back into something that is useful.

Between the $408,916 over the $5,000,000 and the $1,000,000 Seth McFarlane is donating, they will be able to give the program to 7,044 more classes than the 7,500 classes the $5,000,000 enabled them to do. Total of 14,544 classrooms getting this for free.

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