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Not a whole lot going on here you couldn't have guessed, but Radio Shack -- along with Sprint, of course -- is prepping for Sunday's launch of the Samsung Conquer 4G. That's Sprint's new mid-range 4G offering, with a 3.5-inch display and 1GHz process. It'll be available for $69 on contract.

This one tickling anyone's fancy? Or tickling anything else?

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Radio Shack unofficially reminds us the Samsung Conquer 4G on Sunday


A little off topic, but does it bother anyone else that this mid-range phone will be called the "Conquer" and the new Galaxy SII MONSTER will be called the "Within"?

Using the name Conquer on a mid range phone is a smart move. Gives those owner a sense of power, so to speak. The phone has a big name, makes them feel better about owning it.