Test your knowledge head-to-head on over 400 topics, including Android

QuizUp, the insanely popular trivia game on iOS, has made its way to Android in all its glory today. The game, if you haven't given it a try on the other platform yet, lets you go head-to-head with random opponents all around the world answering multiple-choice trivia questions on several topics. You can choose from books, movies, games, art, logos, history, sports and more — 414 in total at the moment — to build your score and rank yourself among your friends.

Along with the launch of the game on Android, there's even a new topic called "Android" you can play to test your knowledge of the platform. The Android release is also integrating with Google Play Games, which lets you track achievements and leaderboards seamleassly across devices. You can sign into the game with Google+ as well to make the entire experience seamless.

Trivia games appeal to a whole bunch of people out there, and QuizUp is poised to do well on Android if we had to guess. The game is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


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Head-to-head trivia game QuizUp lands on Android, integrates with Google Play Games


And doesn't run on ART. It's only a "beta" according to comments and developer replies on Google Play, but what is this? 2013?

ART in itself is beta. You expect a new developer to support a runtime that you technically aren't supposed to use?

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Sure, they should. Countless other developers have ensured that their apps are compatible with ART. While only in beta itself, ART will most likely become stable-release in future versions of Android. Why wait? Besides, the developer of QuizUp, Plain Vanilla, now has said that they are working on supporting ART.

And of course we're supposed to use ART. We wouldn't have been given the option if Google didn't want us to. I run a Nexus, which is arguably Google's test bed and official dev device.

I'm running ART and not having issues with the app...

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.2

Really? I'm surprised. App force closes on every attempt to open it on Nexus 7 (2013) running ART. Others have complained the same.

Then you're either lying or have a magical version. Every single other person running ART says the app crashes the moment you launch it. Who to believe? Myself and everyone else or UJ95x? Hmm...

Hmm, I know I had ART running instead of Dalvik. Just checked and it got reset for whatever reason D:
Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.2

Yes exactly. ART is most likely going to become the default runtime in the next major version of Android (4.5 or 5.0) so why not start supporting it now? All the apps I use today have ART support, even small apps by Canadian companies like Checkout 51 or my Canadian banking app.

Because it's not the default yet? The amount of people that use ART is miniscule at this point. This is really not hard to understand.

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I really don't think you fully understand app development. Software and hardware companies release their respective SDKs and handsets before device release so developers can be proactive and ready for the consumer launch. It's why (dare I say) Apple runs a beta program for iOS. It's so developers can get a head-start on making sure their apps are compatible with the latest iteration of the operating system. It's why Microsoft issues a Developer Preview edition of their new OS months before the consumer release. So developers can be proactive about making sure their application runs. Any app that isn't supporting ART right now is already behind.

In reference to your rather rude comment below, I am most certainly not the problem. Soon I plan on studying to become a software engineer. Perhaps I will develop for Android. Which would make me the answer. Or is there really a problem at all? Everything you see on your phone or tablet was once an experimental feature.

For the handful of people who have actually switched to ART on their device it's hardly worth their effort. Most apps work with ART without changes and I would expect, when ART is actually released, that all will. If you want all apps to work, switch back to dalvik. Complaining here because they don't support a BETA runtime isn't going to achieve anything.

He is far from complaining! Much more like he's suggesting, since ART is the future of android runtime why not just make the apps compatible now? It is far more efficient so tell me, what could go wrong?

You're not the only one! Mine caps out at the C's. Didn't count if it was 50, but I definitely can't see all my G+ friends although FB isn't a problem... ;/

Yeah, it immediately crashes if you have ART enabled. Disappointing. I know ART is still in its infancy kind of, but come on. Developers should be building on the future, right? Numerous other apps from big name developers kept ART in mind when building their apps. Plain Vanilla Games should have as well

+1. They say they're working on support for ART, but since this is brand-new to the Play Store, it should'be been baked in from the beginning.

No, it shouldn't have. ART is an experimental feature that app devs have no obligation to support. You and people like you are the reason devs sometimes shy away from Android. These people release a new game on Android and they immediately start getting low reviews because they don't support an experimental feature that a miniscule amount of people use. You are the problem, congratulations.

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All I'm saying is there are many big games and apps that DO support ART. If I was a developer, I would be aware of this and make apps that work if a user is running ART.

Way to sound like a dick btw

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Good lord you ART people are the worst. Demanding support for a runtime that isn't even officially supported by Android yet. It's no wonder devs put apps out on iOS first or only.

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I'm glad this came out for Android. Even weeks after IOS and even in beta, it's really fun to play.

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Not working for me either. ART on N4. Considering ART is the future of Android, and that every last one of my hundreds of apps run fine on it, this app should have been tested further before primetime release. Maybe a fix will come along sooner rather than later, with all the complaints.

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Nobody mentioning that it seems to be a straight port from iOS with no Android design at all.

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Probably because this is a non-issue. I, for one, don't care if all my apps have the Android design language. 3rd party apps should absolutely be allowed creative freedom. If all my apps and games looked the same, I would get really bored with Android, really quickly. I can see Google apps fitting the design scheme, and devs should be allowed to if they want, but choosing not to conform should not be an issue.

That's OK if you use iOS and know how it works, not so much if you're only used to the way Android functions.

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So I try out this game and in the Android market module my first opponent is Phil Nickelson.... Really?!

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Already ranked 48 in the country for Android. Also #8 in California :D

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I seriously hate it when the typos mess up the question - Android topic has lenovo spealt lenova and as a Chinese manufacturer

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For all those that wanted ART support.... They just updated the app and it now supports ART

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