Home run 3D 

Here's a look at the free version of Home Run Battle 3D. This is the perfect game for me, because I can pick it up any time I want a quick release from boredom and then put it back down when it's time to get back to work. There are two game modes: matchup and arcade. In the free version you have to earn the right to play a multiplayer game (after your first free free matchup games) by actually being competent at the game and hitting a home run with a "gold ball." You can also earn gold balls by unlocking achievements. There are other "special" balls in the game, and I haven't quite figured out what they all do, but the ones I do know are:

  • Angel Ball: takes away 1 out
  • Gold Ball: you can spend it on matchup games and maybe other things in the accessory store
  • Multiplier Ball: I've seen 2x and 3x, and they double or triple your score
  • Ghost Ball: it goes invisible for a moment or two while it's on the way to the plate
  • Magic Ball: sends an "attack" ball to your matchup opponent
  • Iron Ball: sends an iron ball to your matchup opponent if you hit a home run with it, which only flies half the normal distance

So that's enough here. Take a look at the video after the break


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Android Quick App: Home Run Battle 3D


I bought the full version quite a while ago and still play it all the time. The multiplayer (matchup) mode is great.

One of my Favorite games on my vibrant...this and Nova are 2 of the only apps ive actually bought

Awesome game!! This was my first market purchase and the money was well worth it. The graphics are very good and the game play is straight forward.

I see a lot of people speaking of lag and crashes, but they don't list their phone most of the time.

Is this the case on the Evo?

I have an Evo, and this was also one of my first downloads. Generally lag is not a problem, but this also depends on the network connection (multiplayer) and your phones memory situation. If you have a bunch of apps running at the same time, then its likely you could see a little lag. The phone is very capable of handling this game nicely though.

This ran great when i had the EVO but on the TMO Vibrant, it does not run as well, where the bat hovers where you will swing is very choppy and delayed.

Anyone else having this problem?

I've heard the Galaxy S phones have some problem with file system buffering or something of the sort. If you're rooted there's a fix. If not, I'm sure Samsung / T-Mobile will push something out soon enough. Btw, if anyone wants to correct me about what the actual Galaxy S problem is it wont hurt my feelings at all.

Have a Vibrant, and at first, the game ran great. Very smooth. I now have the bat problem you describe. Sadly, it's unplayable now.

###### ATTENTION COME2US ######

Why don't you take this baseball engine and develop a full blown baseball game for the Android? It would be a kick a.ss baseball game. I would definitely pay extra bucks for something like this.

This crashes on the X when trying to exit the game or freezes the phone completely. I got a refund after a couple of hours of trying to use it.

free game is great, paid game is worth the money. First app of 2 that i've purchased on my droidx. runs great, no lag even for muliplayer on verizon.

Paid version gives you unlimited matchup plays without using gold balls. Lets you outfit your slugger with equipment that improve your stats which lets you climb the rankings. Basically it turns it into a much more fully-featured game (and I'm buying it right now).

Great game! I play it all the time on my EVO. **WARNING!!** Playing this game when dropping a deuce may lead to legs falling asleep after sitting there for 20 minutes.**

This is the best game out there. I would highly recommend paying for the full version. The extra stuff from the Gold Balls and match-ups is awesome.