If you feel your Android device lacks a little when it comes to SMS and MMS, look no further than a little application called Handcent SMS. Handcent SMS is available in the Android Market and not only does it add a ton of nifty SMS and MMS features, it is completely free.

  • Full support for SMS and MMS with attaching pictures, video, and audio.
  • Allows for total customization with themes, fonts, etc...
  • SMS pop up window
  • SMS Templates for quick texts
  • Voice recognization for speaking SMS

With the latest update (Ver 2.9.20) released just a few days ago, Handcent added better MMS support for the Moto Droid along with Facebook photo support for the Moto Cliq. Handcent SMS is a great add-on for your already highly customizable Android device.

For the price of free it can't be beat, find it in the Market by simply searching for "Handcent SMS".

[Screenshot via Android Central Forums]


Reader comments

Quick App: Handcent SMS


Does anyone know how to install a theme on Handcent ? When I go through the app it tells me that I must be logged in. When I go the web site and log in, then it won't let me download the Superman theme that I want for the app. How do I get around this ?

I am having this 'exception other unknown error' when trying to login to myhandscent just to get the theme I wanted. Plus, I am having problems sending text messages. I still see it just it still pending. Is it because I have the Boost Mobile ZTE Warp? I just got it yesterday. Can someone help me please???

does anyone know if you can get a number of messages unread to appear on the icon like the standard message app?

The background screen stays black on my handcent and I can't change it ... also can't get my contacts to import. Anyone help?????