FlightTrack for Android

If you're in an airplane more than once a year (or has to give a ride to someone who does), you need to check out FlightTrack. As its name implies, it, well, tracks flights. But that's just the beginning.

If you're traveling, you can add your own itinerary of flights and keep track of everything in one place. Worried about delays? Select the airport from your itinerary, and you get delay and weather information. See the projected route on top of Google Maps.

But where FlightTrack really shines is for those on the ground waiting on their airborne loved ones. Flight status -- including altitude and airspeed for you numbers types -- are available in the app or on a home screen widget, and changes in arrival time and gate information are pushed out automatically and appear as notifications.

Need more? An upgrade to FlightTrack Pro ($4.99) gives you the ability to tie into TripIt.com. Once you get your e-mail confirmation from an airline or online travel booking site, just forward it to plans@tripit.com, and it'll automatically be fed into FlightTrack Pro. No muss, no fuss.

You can download FlightTrack from the Android Market, or use the QR code above. More screen shots after the break.





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