AOL Mobile has just released their very own AIM instant messaging client into the Android Market. If you been trying other IM clients in the market and have not been satisfied, this may be just the app you've been in search for as it is packed with a ton of great features.

  • Send and receive messages with your buddies instantly
  • Real time updates of your buddies' status and availability
  • Fling support for switching between conversations
  • Update your status, post to your Lifestream and also cross post to any synced Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Facebook chat support so you can chat with your Facebook friends
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • Supports 1.5, 1.6. 2.0, 2.1 Android OS

The app seems pretty well polished and possibly is the best AIM client available in the market. It is free, so you have nothing to lose. Give it a try and let us know how it's working for you! Scan the QR code above, or click on it in your Android browser, to download.

You can also participate in this thread in the Android Central forums dedicated to AOL's AIM app.


Reader comments

Quick App: AIM for Android


With a program called "Barcode Scanner".

Damn it's about time Aol gets in the game with it's own Aim app for Android. I haven't played with it yet but I hope it burns battery juice like the built in gtalk.

I cant download aim on my android.. how did yuh guys do it.. It just says The requested item could not be found.

I cant download aim on my android.. how did yuh guys do it.. It just says The requested item could not be found.

I used this app and this is deff the best aim app on the android. Its so good that I might stay logged in on aim on my android instead of the computer. but theres one thing I'd really like to b fixed first. The app works perfectly except the sound doesnt work when i send or recieve a message. no sound works in the app.

I have no sound either. Other apps give me a notification tone (such as gmail arriving) but this is silent both sending and receiving.

I have a question, if this is an "official" app from AOL why is there no mention at all on any of AOL's sites or beta sites about any android release whatsoever? I have serious doubts how official this and the moviefone app that was released alongside it are.

Well i've used this app for 24 hours and it sucks the life outa your battery and I even have an extended life battery. So Switching back to the original chat program now.

This app is a battery-killer. You can almost watch your phone drain. Once they optimize that, it will be a killer app. It functions well and with Facebook chat (my most used) it could be a permanent replacement for Google Talk and other IM apps.