You can get a PDF file viewer anywhere, but we all know that Adobe does it the best, and it just released an official Adobe Reader app [Market link] for Android. First impression is its pure simplicity, and I mean that in a good way. Now, before you get excited – make sure you’re running Éclair, and have at least 550MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM, or else it’s just not going to be a smooth experience.


When you open a new PDF, you’ll start in the full page view in either portrait or landscape mode. From here, you can navigate through the different pages, and if you do a long press, you’ll see the zoom in/out tools.  Something that really caught my attention here was the responsiveness of flicking up and down the page -- it was a lot smoother than most of the other viewers I had used.  The icing on top was that Adobe integrated multi-touch support in, so all of you pinch-zoomers can have at it.

Sometimes reading your document in that original full page mode is not very reader friendly, especially if there’s a lot of text, so Adobe added a neat little feature called the “Reflow View”. Hit the menu button, and you’ll see the option at the bottom of the screen. What this does, is actually change the orientation of the entire document into a single column that fits your phone’s display, so you only have to scroll up and down the document to get all of the information.

Even though this isn’t something that’s incredibly groundbreaking, it’s good to see this application follow Flash over to Android land.  Overall, it's more responsive than the stock Eclair file viewer, and it's definitely a viable option for everyday PDF readers.  [via AndroidGuys]


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Android Quick App - Adobe Reader


Holy run on sentence, Batman!

Adobe being the best at viewing PDFs is also very debatable.

It looks good but I heard pinch-to-zoom was choppy. I'll give it a shot but I already have Documents to Go so unless this is amazing I don't see the point to having an extra app.

Well the truth is there many options out there like doc 2 go or file viewer documents to go is the one im using right now and it does it just fine for me ill take a look at the app and decide..adove always makes the app so heavy i dont know why...