Samsung tablet?

Feast your eyes on the photo above, in what purportedly is a prototype of an Android tablet device from Samsung. Posted on Twitpic, the only info given is that it's seven inches, and that looks about right. There's no way of knowing how recent the picture is, and you really can't see much more than the black slab. But the translated tweets from @metabaron appear to say it's not the final design, will have a phone radio and camera, no physical buttons and will be released this year. [Twitter via and GadgetMix]


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Is this a prototype of the Samsung tablet?


I guess its not a bad idea to do Android Tablets now to get a feel for the market, but google keeps saying they wont be backing Tablets till Gingerbread (Android 3.0). And from what I understand "tablets" wont be allowed to use the Market for now. Im wondering though, if having a cell phone radio techically makes it more of a "phone" like the Dell streak

Looks nice, but 7inches is a bit weak to contend with 10inch ipad, my droid x at 4.3 is probably good enough vs 7inch but not against a 10 as far as purchase value

That's not a's a really small guy holding the Evo 4G, lol. But like you have said, it just isn't big enough to justify the buy.

Just my opinion but the iPad is a bit big. The main attraction to a tablet for me is a light, simple, e-reader that can also surf the web when I get bored of reading. I'm thinking seven inches is about ideal. Again, just my two cents.

What would be best is to have a 7 and 10 inch version of some tablets so people have options for screen size with high performance.

A phone too? This means forced 3g service with a forceful carrier. Which means not a simple way to just get a wifi version. Which means I am not feeling this Samsung tablet. Guess I will hope the Motorola one comes with a just wifi option as well.. (My Nexus can tether my internet and with t-mobile. I have no restrictions.....yet)

Just because he's asian, doesn't make it a Samsung Tablet ;) Just kidding, but what about BlackBerry-Pad?

I have a feeling the iPad will get out of date soon.