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No, Google+ app. Not "this." Because "this," being a comic-drawn crotch shot, is not what I wanted folks to focus their attention on when I linked to Peter Ha's TechCrunch piece debunking the Bloomberg story that Microsoft had "shut out" HTC from manufacturing Windows 8 devices. My only comment -- "This."

(BTW, Bloomberg's is a fairly ridiculous story, led by the all-too-familiar "people with knowledge of the matter." If you didn't bite on it, kudos.)

But if you'd seen my post from the Google+ app, all you'd know is that apparently I like cartoon pr0n. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, I suppose.)

This all stems, of course, from Google's recent redesign of the Google+ app. And for the most part, it's a beautiful redesign. Images are large. Posts are easy to follow -- so long as you don't actually link to anything. It's something I noted at the outset but apparently forgot because I'm using G+ on the desktop side most of the time. It's also a step backward. The app used to have this problem, then it got fixed in April. Now? It's gone again, at least in the stream view.  (Tap into the post and things look better, with headlines and summaries.)

I've learned my lesson. This'll put an end to the one-liners. I'll use 20 words when only one is needed. Or Google could just add back a little beta of metadata.

Regardless, learn from my mistake. Only you can prevent inadvertent contextless Google+ crotch shots.


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Pro tip: Avoid unsightly contextless crotch shots on the Google+ app with better descriptions


What an epic way to start the day. Forget all the reviews, live event coverage, rumors and all the Android info you could want, THIS is why AC is the best.

The crotch shot seems tailored made for your profile photo. Phil's expression in his profile photo almost seems to be suggesting "get a look at this...if you know what i mean."

The very fact that Phil has written this piece has made my morning. I thank you, sir!


It had nothing to do with Android, wasn't posted on AC, was only seen by some small collection of people on the dwindling Google+ micro-verse.

So why waste front page space on AC with stuff nobody saw here?

Billy Mays here with crotch away! The fantastic product that removes unsightly contextless crotch! Just one quick treatment and you will never have to worry about unsightly crotches in your posts ever again!

I sense a Photoshop contest. Comic crotches and Phil's photo.

Anyway, they need to fix that app in how it displays posts. It kinda sucks for such a visual medium.