Samsung Galaxy Beam

Last we heard about the Galaxy Beam (see our hands-on), Samsung's phone that comes with a built-in projector, it was heading to the UK market in July. We're quickly approaching its release as it is now available for pre-order.

If you're interested in the phone/projector hybrid, you can get it from both Carphone Warehouse and unlocked at Expansys. There are a variety of different plans that you can choose, but you can get the Beam starting at £31/month on Orange. Over at Expansys, it will cost you £394. 

So if you've been anxiously awaiting the Beam over in the United Kingdom, the wait is almost over! Head over to the source link for pre-orders.

Source: Carphone Warehouse / Expansys


Reader comments

Pre-orders open up for Samsung Galaxy Beam in the UK



I'm sorry, but that's what this will get used for, by someone, somewhere, likely in a public place. Drive-by pornography.

I have a friend who was really excited for this phone when it was first announced (2010). Unfortunately they waited so long, even with the rebuild it no longer has any spec considered high end, and it's only redeeming quality is the pico projector.

Go back, rebuild with GS3 specs, release a high end pico phone!!!