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Pocket Planes, the adorable pixelated successor to Tiny Tower, found its way to Android over the weekend. Instead of building a massive self-sustaining skyscraper, players build out an airline, complete with a wide variety of aircraft, destinations, goods, and passengers to deliver. There are sets of missions that change regularly, and players that contribute deliveries to them are listed on worldwide leaderboards, as well as smaller ones in flight groups with your friends. 

I've played a fair bit of Pocket Planes on iOS, and it's a ton of fun, especially if you found that Tiny Tower lacked depth or complexity. The game is free, with the support of in-app purchases for accelerated progress on a handful of fronts. The Game maintains the charm of Tiny Tower, and puts a fresh twist on it.

Any Tiny Tower players in the house interested in giving this game a shot? Any other good business simulation games out there? The only other ones that really come to mind are Order Up!! To Go and the endless tide of Kairosoft titles like Game Dev Story.  


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Pocket Planes sets course for Google Play


I am sick and tired of all these "Free" games that expect you to play in order to make the game play at a good rate. I don't want games I have to play every few hours, I want a game that I pay for once and play how I want to.

That's why Kairosoft makes the best mobile games, I tell you.

I like playing tiny tower. Its a good time waster and my favorite part is that I can just do a little here and a little there. It doesn't consume a ton of time getting everything moving. It's nice to play a game where a few minutes here and there is all it takes to keep everything going.

Yes!!! Was waiting for this one to come to the Android. Been playing it on my iPad, it's a very good game, and the IAP isn't very obtrusive either.

I played Tiny tower, but on my iPod. I tried on my Galaxy Nexus but the game was so much worse than on the iOS that I gave up, it lacked polish, it was slow, I had to login to some kind of service to access the game, and I only could play it if I had Internet connection. Awful.

Really hope this one is better and they took better care of their game on this platform.