Pinterest for Android

Pinterest finally has an official Android app. The popular social network is currently in the middle of an event where they're showing off brand new mobile apps for their platform. The network that relies on users pinning items for their friends has grown enormously in the past year, which has contributed to the impatience users have felt about an official mobile app. We got a hands-on preview of the app back at Google I/O, but there was no release date at that time.

The official app looks a lot like the website and has been done really well. You see your tiled homepage with all of your friends' pins. You can search for items to pin yourself, re-pin someone else's, like a pin,  and comment on a pin as well. You can also find new friends to follow directly from the app. It's done very well and the app appears very fast in the small amount of time I've been playing with it.

Check it out for yourself at the Google Play Store link, and we've got screenshots after the break.

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Pinterest finally releases an official Android app


I must be the only one who could give two sh*ts about this? (or Instagram, twitpic, google+, etc.) I barely look at FB, why do I want to look at MORE pics of people's food, cats, random family members??

You obviously cared enough to comment. If you didn't care that much you would just stop reading and continue on with your life...

at least it looks like an android app and not an iphone app shoehorned onto android. however it is really buggy and it took me 4 attempts to sign up without it crashing.

From my recollection, there was one out there floating around that you could sideload that was malware/spam/whatever you want to call it. Not really an official Pinterest app.

So, I've been getting pretty active on Pinterest for the last couple of months, namely in an attempt to see if it can be used for showcasing something other than pretty shoes and home decor. I'm finding it kind of useful as a place to gather up cool stuff that you find online in a way that's distinctly different than sharing out to G+, Facebook, or Twitter. The problem with those networks is that your shares get buried in the news feed. People click, watch, and never go back. Being able to have pins permanently affixed to themed boards means that your shares don't get forgotten, but rather build up and fill a full screen with specific, tailored, and awesome content. Over time, a board becomes a more attractive destination, rather than one that's helplessly washed away by time. Here's my board on phones for example (excuse all the iPhone stuff). 

Anyway, app review is forthcoming. 

My only Issue is that the share from Web pages does not work. I have I have tried dolphin and the new ics browser and both share paths freeze before the final steps. This is a pinterest app killer for me who only uses her tablet for Web browsing