In addition to the Google Camera update that rolled out earlier this week that brought Android Wear remote triggers for cameras, Google also found some time to show some love to the Photo Sphere portion of the app. While it was noted in the list of changes, it never really highlighted what exactly had changed but thanks to a post from Evan Rapoport on Google Plus, we now know.

  • Much bigger targets - The most noticeable change is that the targets are far bigger, making it easy to see them even in bright sunlight (like this beach scene in my image here). I've really loved using this and it makes the capture process faster and more fun. Please try it this weekend, share your photo spheres on Google+ and Views (, and let me know what you think!

  • Performance improvements - We also significantly reduced the memory consumption used during stitching. This, combined with some other fixes, will prevent some of the crash reports you've told us about. Note that all these changes also apply to the Pano, Wide Angle, and Fisheye modes, which are based on the Photo Sphere codebase.

The update has slowly trickled out, so most folks should have it downloaded by nor at at the very least having it showing as available for download. Have you grabbed it? If so, have you checked out the Photo Sphere updates? Let us know how they're working out for you in the comments if you have.

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stuka85 says:

i want the option to retake some photos of the photosphere, some times a blurry image ruin my photosphere and i have to start over again.

MowDownJoe says:

Hitting the back button undoes the last shot.

bez54 says:

Cool. Thanks for letting us know. Great tip. :-)

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JeffDenver says:

Really? Why doesn't google tell us shit like that? That is very useful to know.

s_special says:

The option to 'redo the last shot' is displayed right there. There's only 3 things to choose from. Redo, accept and discard

JeffDenver says:

It doesn't say looks like an "exit to camera" button.

savdini says:

Google tell anyone, anything? They're smart, but not that smart.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I want this option too. My Photospheres are usually ruined when there is a giant blank spot in the middle, even though I took pictures everywhere. And it doesn't indicate that there might be a problem until I've finished the whole thing.

ConTejas says:

If you take a photosphere in portrait you will get the black hole, if you do it in landscapre you should not.

Brian Firman says:

I love the photosphere but I hate how everyone stares as you wave your phone in the air.

JeffDenver says:

You need to wave it like you just don't care.

21plays says:

bahaha! +100

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jeddo45 says:

Jajaja! +100

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

John-Smith says:

Marara! +100

ISS2 says:


savdini says:

I know.. But if they walk over and look at it once done they're baffled

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

sddfdds says:

they need to fix the fact that you lose the photosphere if you close the camera during processing...just put it in the background, doesnt seem that odd

Jordan Pt says:

Goes into the background on my Nexus 5.

Hmm, not on the N4. So easy to accidentally hit a capacitative button while contorting while completing a Photosphere.

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sabovi says:

Its also showing you to keep the phone straight if you are tilting sideways

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Brian Firman says:

Also...the goog needs to add a 'bursts' option to the camera. #js

ryanlevinb says:

I really miss the Tiny Planet option I had on my Galaxy Nexus. I wish they would implement Tiny Planet into the google camera so I could use it with my Moto X.

Wolfsv says:

On my version I'm able to pull up the image in the gallery and click the pencil (edit), then tiny planet.

Yep, mine does this too. I can't get to it through the Photos or Gallery apps. You have to swipe to the left to bring up your camera roll, and press the edit button there. Strangely enough, the icon when doing this is the same as the Photos app icon, so it makes you think you could get to it through there, but it can only be done through Google Camera.

ryanlevinb says:

Are either of you using a Moto x? Option doesn't seem to be there in my version.

Jay Soto says:

If you use the front camera and close the app, when you open it back up it'll start with the back camera even if the front is selected. You'll have to tap the button twice to reselect the front camera.

Also, more focus options please.

robsawalker says:

Let's hope it finally solves the annoying freezing problems when holding the camera to take low down pictures....

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