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Philips has today been talking up its brand new line of Smart TVs at the IFA Global Press Conference, and they're powered by Android that will be available in the summer. Philips has essentially taken Android and layered its own unique TV optimized interface over the top. But with some important integrations with key Android features. Philips wants to retain the TV as the center of the home entertainment hub.

First of those is Google Play Store access for downloading and running Android apps. The TV comes pre-loaded with a bunch of big screen optimized applications out of the box, with more to be made available soon after launch.

Philips has also integrated Google's voice search capabilities, allowing both local and web search through the TV just by speaking to it. Other highlighted interface options include gesture controls – presumably in the vein of Kinect, though that wasn't elaborated on – and even a smartphone and tablet MyRemote app. For sharing your own content from a phone or tablet, Miracast is built in.

It doesn't stop there, either. The Android powered TVs will have in-built gaming capabilities with games such as Badland and Real Racing 3 being pre-loaded and offered up for the big screen. Interaction seems to be via the TV remote which looks to double up as a game controller. More games tailored for the TV are also promised after launch.

Taking a look at the actual hardware, the TVs are packing a quad-core CPU and there will also be a 4K resolution models, also running Android. Apps like Skype that make use of a camera are taken care of with one built in, but it pops up when you need it and disappears out of view when you don't.

We'll be taking a closer look at one of these new Android powered TVs from Philips soon, so stay tuned for that.


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Philips' new Android powered TVs bring gaming, Google Play to your living room


I dunno. I would just rather my TV be dumb. I don't mind plugging boxes into it and it gives me a chance to try different things when I want to upgrade.

I understand I probably have a not so popular opinion on this. I'm OK with that.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I completely agree. I don't want my TV to offer anything other than a great display. It's pointless making them smart. By the time they are released they're already out of date. I'll upgrade a £50 box but not a £1k telly.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree, but generally the boxes I've put money on have been pretty terrible experiences. Even the Chromecast is subject to wonkiness, although it's given me the least grief. If Philips has done a good job here, I wouldn't mind one of these things in my living room.

You wouldn't mind having one in your living room now, but what about in 5 years time?

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It sounds like the TV has the hardware it needs to keep up with Android updates for a while. I guess it's on Philips to actually support the TV for that long. Besides, if it has HDMI in, it's not like I can't still get a set-top box later and try something else anyway.

Fair point. If they do keep it updated and current then I can see the attraction.

Posted via Android Central App

Candy crush on a 60" or how about when flappy bird v was out on a 60" I'm all for it

Posted via Android Central App

Well Android is upgradable, so as long as it has updates and reinvents itself I would imagine you would be happy. I see points from both sides. Once they work the kinks out put some good internals (ram, gigs, etc) it would be a beast of a TV

This looks awesome but I love my smart Samsung tvs. Will have to compare when they arrive in stores. Btw, you can upgrade the computer part of your tv without buying a whole new tv.

I feel the same to an extent. Only when it comes to custom OS. If these companies just used Android or Microsoft it would be so much better. I like this setup as it negates extra hardware. One of the things I like about the chromecast is that you don't see it.

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I agree, I just want my TV to be an awesome display with all the inputs necessary to let me hook anything up to it that I want to. If I'm going to keep a great TV for five, six, seven years, and possibly even put it in a guest room later for several more, I don't want to have to worry about my television operating system becoming out of date. My current 1080p television in my bedroom is 6 years old. I'm very very glad it does not have anything from that era on it other than its great display.

Posted via Android Central App from my Ebony backed Moto X

I agree... It seems that these smart TV's rarely have the performance of a good set top box and in a few years time it's even worse. I have a smart TV that I never use the smart part of it... I prefer to use my set top box that has much better performance... the only reason I got a smart TV is cause I wanted 3D... which sucks that you can't get a non-smart 3D TV, cause that's what I'd prefer. Now I have this smart interface that just gets in the way cause I have to go through that just to change my inputs, it's annoying.

Now I would like a smart TV better if they made one with a modular processing component which you could chose to add if you want to or easily swap out for an upgrade. But they would also have to have good performance at a reasonable cost to even be worth while... which I would expect between $200-$300 for an upgrade module... because I can get a good performing set top for that or less, example Fire TV, PS3, Xbox.

Im interested!

Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}

Wow what an ugly interface. There's a reason why Google TV failed to become popular. This looks like Google TV reincarnated.

If I had to choose an interface at the moment, I would go with LGs Webos. Its clean, simple, a geek will like it and so will non-geeks.

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Nice, real Android (not GTV) on a TV! Personally I love the integration cause then you don't need to mess with inputs. If done right you should be able to send content to the TV from your smartphone without touching any TV controls.

It looks like they've also got rear hue lighting. I've got something similar with aftermarket Lightpack, but it would be great to have that kind of thing built in, and synced up with my living room lights.

And they couldn't wait for Android TV to release first?

This is reverting back to Google TV.

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What's does it cost? What does the same TV cost without Android in it? I like the idea of it, but I'm not sure about the UI.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Android is free to use. It should cost Phillips nothing. They have no real reason to raise the cost. Even having the Play Store on it doesn't have much financial burden, if at all.

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I should have clarified my question. Because they are running Android on the TV I'm assuming they use specific hardware to accommodate the Android software. If my assumption is correct removing that specific hardware how would it affect the cost?

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

omg where is the bezel!!!!???! but i agree i prefer a dumb tv. b4 chromecast a smart tv would have been more feasible. smart tvs are too much like computers. lag for no apparent reason. startup time even if it may be like 10 seconds, is too long to be waiting for a tv to show you something. my fiance has a sony tv older model and its a good 30 seconds after powering it up b4 i can change the input. not gonna die waiting but gets a lil aggravating watching it say tv warming up

I love the ambilight feature on my Philips TV. Now I can control my Philips hue lights from my phone... Hopefully they'll bring the Ambilight feature back to the US and it can connect to the Hue lighting system! Philips really makes some cool stuff... But in the US market, they are hit and miss.

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Some 2014 Ambilight TVs will have Hue control built into the TV itself, no phone required. Which is pretty awesome (if you can get one where you are)

Thanks for responding Richard ! Really hope they bring these here to the US. Can't tell you how nice ambilight is to own and it's indispensable for watching TV in the dark. Having the TV to sync to the Hue system would make it perfect!

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Looks nice, and I've had good experiences with Philips TVs (excellent customer service, simple and fast remote replacement, long-lasting, etc.) However, like others, I'd prefer using a set-top box connected to a "dumb" TV.

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