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The Pebble app on Android has had a relatively rocky start since the revamped version 2.0 was announced, but the latest update to version 2.0.15 of the app is promising to fix many common issues. Folks who have experienced intermittent Bluetooth connections, crashes, troubles pairing and issues using multiple Pebble devices should see many of their worries put to rest with the latest update.

The full changelog:

  • Improved overall stability
  • Improved performance in app load times and responsiveness
  • Improved Bluetooth connection reliability, especially for sports and fitness applications
  • Support for selecting a Pebble from multiple paired Pebbles
  • Ability to connect to a Pebble when there is no internet connection
  • Added notifications for firmware updates (when app is foregrounded)

The latest update is available in the Play Store now from the link at the top of this post.

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yepitsmememe says:

Nice. Yes, hopefully the intermittent dropping of bluetooth connectivity is now a thing of the past!

operator207 says:

Doubtful. I upgraded when it came out. Phone and watch were rebooted shortly afterwards.
Last night ~4am, The Pebble vibrated that it had lost and regains BT connection. It could be the S4 I use though.
But the reason I think it isn't, the Pebble had not lost connection other than when I left my phone and walked too far away to keep a connection, for at least a month.

I guess it could be both having issues. No clue. There are reports of the S4 having BT issues. Maybe mine is just getting more pronounced now.

Gekko says:

FYI - Pebble is on sale at Best Buy this week for $129.99.

neonworm says:

Thanks! I might go pick one up :)

ryaninc says:

Still slow as molasses when browsing apps or watch faces. Disappointing.

udazavlanje says:

In still using the old version and won't update it until they figure it out. Extremely disappointing

VZW Moto X

Ry says:

FYI - Target carries the Pebble in white.

rockametrics says:

Epic Fail. Did update and now stuck in recovery mode. Cannot pair to phone. Reset my phone twice and phone won't recognize pebble. Very disappointed