Pebble appstore

Smartwatch manfacturer Pebble today has unveiled its own official "Pebble appstore," a one-stop shop for apps and other features for the popular timepiece. The app store is initially open to developers only and will expand for public use sometime after the new year.

So what will you get? The app store will comprise seven categories at first, and each will showcase featured apps. 

  • Watchfaces
  • Daily
  • Remotes
  • Games
  • Notifications
  • Tools and utilities
  • Sports and fitness

Apps that require a full Android or iOS app will be allowed to link back to Google Play or the Apple App Store.

More: Pebble Developer portal; Pebble blog


Reader comments

Pebble announces its own app store; open to developers now, public gets it in 2014


Excellent! I hope they are checking the apps for quality prior to allowing them in the store. As a Pebble user it is easy to get lost in the sea of apps in the Play Store while searching for Pebble apps.

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It is called being open. One man's trash and all....

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Part of the reason why I only now have Pebble Notifier installed as my only other Pebble app is because I don't want a bunch of Pebble apps taking space on my app drawer.

Wonder how they're going to handle purchases on iOS (or if all apps have to be free?).

I like:
-Notification Center for Pebble
-Pebble Rocker
-Pebble Dialer
-Pebble Ringer
-Pebble Bike
-Pebble Navigator

With those it already does everything I need it to do.
I'd like a better option to Pebble Dash but other than that, it's great.

To much of a hassle. Notifications don't clear on your phone when you clear them from the pebble. And it was always disconnecting from my phone. And come to find out I'm not a watch guy. I just felt to connected.

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I use Notification Center, and it does a much better job at handling notifications than the stock one - plus it will remove notifications from the phone via the Pebble, although only for Android 4.3 (I am running CM10.2)

For me, the Pebble is a great tool, as I don't have to pull out my phone from my pocket every time I get a notification or text. And when I am on my bluetooth headphones, I can see who is calling before I answer.

I got one for $90 too and have been enjoying it so far. I'm loving Glance, and MusicBoss. PebbleTasker is very powerful and still haven't spent enough time configuring it to do what I want. Notification Center works pretty well, with a few minor bugs.

All in all, I think it's a good buy for $90, might not have been as much for $150. There's a new SDK out already, version 2.0, it's in beta but it will bring a lot of new functionality so it should only get better.

I got my Pebble yesterday. I'm loving it so far, and a dedicated appstore would be awesome. Though, I think I'll be taking mine back to Best Buy for an exchange. Mine seems to have a dead pixel.

I'm curious as to Myriam Joire’s thoughts, given her former hard line stance against mobile fragmentation in the past.

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I've been stuck between the Pebble and Gear for awhile. I like the price and battery life of the Pebble. But I love the screen and UI of the Gear. I might just have to give the Pebble a try since I have a .edu account. Can I still get it for $90??

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I got my Pebble on sale this week at Best Buy. Looking forward to more apps. Glance is working well for me.