Pebble 2.0

Stability said to be improved 'considerably'

The folks at Pebble have pushed out an update for the Android beta app, and it looks like a lot of the kinks have been addressed. Usually, we see a list of changes followed by an equally long list of issues, but this time around there is only one known issue remaining.


  • PebbleKit JS localStorage is now sandboxed for each app
  • Many improvements to onboarding and FW installation
  • Issues with sideloading apps in some circumstances have been fixed
  • Some issues with loading JS configuration views after the app has been quit have been addressed
  • JavaScript app logs printed via ADB are cleaner
  • MyPebble now loads faster

Known issue:

  • Pairing a Pebble during onboarding may not succeed. If you run into problems, exit the Pebble app. Remove the pairing entry from Android BT settings & your Pebble. Then pair manually using BT settings.

You'll need to uninstall version 10 before you install this one, and any javascript-based apps will need manually reinstalled. Developers, and those of us who live on the edge, go grab it.

Source: Pebble Developers Blog


Reader comments

Pebble 2.0 beta app for Android updated to version 11, the 'most annoying bugs' have been fixed


You guys need to check out Bodybuilding Jesus in the Pebble app store. It is amazing.

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Nope forgot to, I got it all working after deleting app data. All good now.

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Looks like they got rid of the persistent notification as well.

Posted via Android Central App

I still show the notification indicating "Your Pebble is connected." Are you referring to something else?

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Very nice update. Removed version 10 from my Moto X, side loaded 11 and it works fine.

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I got fed up of being a unpaid beta tester and went back to 1.x. When the Pebble guys think it's stable and polished enough, they can upload it to the Play Store. Until then, I'm not going to bother with any more betas.

I see no rumors about a pebble fitness watch. I'm probably choosing between the Razer nabu and lg lifeband when they come out in the next month or so.

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I'm trying this one out now. Looks pretty nice, although I'd like to have something that more closely matches what I had on my now recalled Fitbit Force. I expect we'll see more apps like this as both use and development increases.

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